purse organizer?

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  1. I have a question. I noticed on a few threads there is a cute little organizer that you can put in your purse. What is the name of this item, and where can I get one? thanks in advance! ;)
  2. The purseket is the most popular. I don't have one, but try doing a search because it's been talked about quite a bit. A lot of people love them.
  3. thanks so much, thats exactly what i was looking for. now i need to figure out what size to get
  4. What bag will it be for ?

    I know a number of ladies recommend the medium for the speedy 25, and the large for the 30 (which overlaps a little). Let us know if you need more help ! :yes:
  5. i use a medium Purseket for my Speedy 25's. it's the perfect size :yes:
  6. ^^I have a med in my speedy 25 too and it fits perfectly. Organizes really well
  7. Purseket looks very cool - thanks! Does anyone know if they are machine washable?
  8. OH boy! I am a purseket affiliate! I love them and have given them out as gifts! It really keeps my bags organized... I would say if you had to buy one, I would buy the medium size. I use it the most. I have the large and the single drop in size as well.. I used to have the small but gave it to my friend. The large goes great in my Coach hamptons Tote and the small is great for the LV Reade PM totes.

    Here's a link to the purseket, if you use this link, I get credit for it..http://www.purseket.com/cmd.asp?af=198396

    Here's a link to my Ebay Me page that shows some pics of my bags with pursekets in them.

  9. Thanks for being so helpful everyone! Looks like I'm going to go with the medium