Purse Organizer for Speedy 30

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  1. I'm looking for a purse organizer that will fit my Speedy 30?

    Can anyone recommend one that they have tried?

    I would like to have plenty of pockets/compartments in different sizes. But I do not want to add too much bulk or weight.

  2. Thanks! Are the pockets a good size? I read that some organizers come with pockets that are too small?

    Does this work for larger bags too? I'm thinking I can use it on my daily tote (Gucci Medium) and it can be a quick way to transfer on days I want to use the Speedy (weekends mainly). Or would it slide/move around too much if the tote is too big?
  3. Has anyone tried a Kangaroo Keeper? The material looks very light-weight and it seems like it will protect the interior of my bags from getting dirty too.

    I don't want the pockets to be too small though.

    The Kangaroo Keepers are pretty cheap so it won't be a big deal if it ends up not working out.
  4. I originally got a purse to go organizer in the jumbo size. I didn't care much for it so I purchased a different one off of etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop/DivideAndConquer

    I just checked and the seller has closed her store temporarily (phew I ordered just in time), so I'll try to take pics this weekend. I really like this one better, it fits nicely and has a better shape (also keeps it's shape) compared to the purse to go. I'm sure if you google it you can find pictures at least to compare.
  5. I swear I should own stock in speedy 30 trial organizers. Okay, here's what I have, both the large and medium purseket, and both the large and jumbo purse to go.

    First, the large purse 2 go is way to small-scratch that. Now the jumbo fits okay, there is still room in between the organizer and bag to stick in something items. Now, this one really gives the speedy shape as it has a bottom. I actually folded over the entire top rim of the organizer because it gave my bag too much shape, as it came up to high on the sides. I like it better like this.

    Now for the pursekets-the large overlaps which is fine, velcro works. This one as well offers to much shape for me, as it comes up too high on the sides for my liking. Now the medium, I like. It doesn't fit the entire bag, but I line it up so that the empty slot is along the back of the bag, where the interior pocket is. This one really offers no shape at all. The bag slouches, sags, etc, but has pockets.

    I am tending to use my jumbo purse 2 go thought, just because everything transfers easily, and now that I folded the top rim over I like it better.
  6. I think the pockets are a good size. You can zipper it to make it smaller for small bags and unzip it for larger bags. Do you have the medium Gucci horsebit hobo? Ive used it in mine and it's good. I do have purses that are bigger and there is space between the organizer and the inside of my purse.
  7. Thank you! I didn't even think to check etsy. I'll see what I can find there :smile:
  8. Thank you so much! The detailed reviews really help :smile: I'm going to go look all these up now :smile: The jumbo might be good for me also since I have a lot of stuff I carry around in my daily bag.
  9. Thanks! I wouldn't mind extra space between the bag & organizer as long as it doesn't move around so much to the point where stuff is falling out.
  10. I just got a really goody one from wwwpimpmyspeedy.com I like this better than the kangaroo keeper that they sell in stores.
  11. I had a Divide and Conquer. I sold it because I sold my Speedies. Now I'm regretting selling it cos I want one for my Stresa PM.
  12. Thanks!! Does it this give the Speedy some shape too?? Were all the pockets an adequate size for you?

    I've heard the kangaroo keeper and some others have a weird chemical-y smell sometimes. Does this have anything like that?
  13. Thanks! Is this only sold on Etsy? Do you recall how much it was?
  14. Can anyone recommend something that's sold on Amazon (I want to use a giftcard that I've had forever lol)?