Purse Organizer for Nodini?

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  1. Does anyone use purse organizer for Nodini, mostly to keep the shape? especially Samorga? TIA!
  2. #2 Jul 27, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
    It’s small enough I’d be concerned with losing valuable space, so I’ve never considered an organizer.

    ETA: Although I am starting the hunt for a slim organizer for a SE hobo I just received... so I can understand your issue.
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  3. Would be nice if it can keep its shape.
  4. I haven't heard of the Nodini having trouble with keeping its shape; however, I guess, like any purse, if it is continually overloaded, that might be an issue. But it's such a small bag, really, I can't imagine...
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  5. India is right, the nodini won’t lose its shape. That said, because the leather is soft, the bag will soften. The corner edges will round out a bit. The length will also soften but never so far as to fall in on itself—perhaps a slouch.

    If you’re looking for a structured crossbody, you might want to consider one of the new designs. I think the leather being used for some is calf which will stay stiffer. The new casette bag may work.
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  6. Thank you ladies, I’ll continue my search
  7. I've never used an organizer in any of my Nodinis. I do like to use a small LV toiletry case along side a full size wallet and the combination works for me.
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  8. i have quite a few Nodinis, and one in XL size, and i never needed any organizer, imo it will only use the room. I have never had any issues with the loose shape, or deforming any of my Nodinis, some might be softer and floppier when empty, but once i fill them with my stuff they are back to normal :yes:
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  9. Good to know, thank you!
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  10. For what its worth, I have a double compartment nodini and I always have an umbrella within. It never lost its shape and has the capacity of a small handbag. It will get softer with usage but no deformation of shape. It is a very well made piece. I agree as well that an organiser will take up too much space and I am an avid bag organiser user. For the nodini however, I don't feel it needs an organiser unless you carry very little and want specific compartments for specific things.
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  11. Thank you for the insight, really helps! ^_^
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