Purse Organizer For Empreinte Artsy?

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  1. I just purchased a Louis Vuitton bag for which I had lusted for months: The Artsy in papyrus empreinte. I LOVE it! I think I would like a felt purse organizer (Samorga or Original Club?) to keep things separated and organized in the bag. However, I am concerned that a purse organizer will be too stiff and structured for the artsy bag in empreinte leather. This bag is designed to be slouchy and even a bit drapey. Does anyone have any experience using a purse organizer in the artsy in empreinte leather? Does the purse organizer make the bag look more structured than it would otherwise? I appreciate any comments!
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  2. I don't have the Artsy, but I have a Delightful in the MM size. Initially, I used a purse organizer, but I found that it made my bag too boxy and took away from the slouchy hobo look that I like. Currently, I use my SLGs to organize the inside more efficiently.

    That said, I know the Artsy has the 6 inside pockets and large zip pocket which helps organize smaller items. In comparison I think the Artsy has thicker canvas/leather and it is already somewhat bulky on it's own without a purse organizer. And also take into consideration the narrow opening of the this bag and whether it's worth it to use an organizer. I don't know if I have seen anyone mention using a purse organizer for the Artsy?

    I would suggest perusing or posting your question in the Artsy sub-forum:
  3. PurseAddict728, thanks so much for your helpful information! That is my concern. I don't want to see an invisible "box" inside the artsy bag. I am new to the purse forum, so I am still learning!
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  4. My pleasure, and again, I don't have the Artsy so it may help to take a peek at the Artsy clubhouse and see what they recommend too. Good luck!
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