Purse organizer - does something like this exist?

  1. I have a larger bag that I use daily, but it only has one small inner compartment and one small outer compartment, so many of my other things get lost and I find myself digging through my stuff. Is there anything I can buy that will help me organize my stuff and provide more easy acess? (ie - need to find mascara, wallet, small notebook, ID card etc...fast) Thanks!
  2. I'll put in a vote for the chameleon.

    I have a medium (no picks) and use it follows
    Outer pocket 1: blackberry
    Outer pocket 2: cell phone
    Outer pocket 3: ipod
    Outer pocket 4: wallet
    large open inner pocket: sunglasses, calculator, misc
    velcro inner pocket 1: lipgloss, chapstick, hair ties-you get the picture
    velcro inner pocket 2: receipts
    card pockets: misc rewards cards and a stack of business cards.

    It's perfect for my needs.
  3. I have both a purseket and a chameleon. The chameleon works better for bags that have a rectangular bottom. The pursket works better in bags that are more bucket shaped or are round on the bottom. I like them both, between the two of them I have an organizer that works with every medium to large bag I own.
  4. Love the Chameleon!
  5. Let me just put a vote in for the Chameleon.
    It has changed my purse life!
    I never have to go digging around for things and switching purses takes about a second.
  6. Another vote for the chameleon....I use it between my LV speedy's, D&B Sacs, LAMB Mandeville...no problem.