Purse or Shopping?

  1. Dear fellow fashionistas,

    This weekend I will be heading off to BalNY to select a new Bag and I am trying to decide between the purse and the shopper. What are the pros, cons, similarities...etc.

    Basically which bag do you guys think is a better choice?

  2. I don't think shopping zips up. Pipe in someone if I'm wrong. I prefer the Purse because it zips up and because it has a cuter shape.
  3. I like the purse better
  4. I had the Purse and now have the Shopping. The Shopping is way bigger and it holds a ton - I use mine for work. It has an open top - no zipper or anything but b/c I use it as a tote, that does not bother me. In fact, I prefer it as I can get in and out of it very easily. It fits very nicely on the shoulder. The top stays shut when you are carrying the bag - it doesn't gape open or anything like that.
  5. I love that site! Best reference guide ever, initially I was going to get a Purse but then I saw the Shopping. If the shopping does not have a zipper though I might not even bother checking it out. City life requires a zipper.
  6. i'm with you :P
  7. The Shopping is on my wishlist, except I would like it in Ink or Blueberry or one of the new blues for 2007.
  8. Does anyone have a picture of them wearing the shopping style?
  9. ^^^ Here ya go...
    2.jpg 3.jpg
  10. [​IMG]


    Excuse the dirty mirror... :shame:
  11. addicted~ I :heart: it!!!!!!! It looks amazing on you!:yes: Do you happen to have a picture of it carried on the crook of your arm?
  12. I like the Purse better.:yes:
  13. between the two i like the look of the shopping but i guess the purse is more practical with its zippers :smile:
  14. Nope, but I'll take some pics tomorrow - both on the crook and handheld. :yes:

    Thanks for the compliment zacorey! :shame:
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