Purse or Shopper

  1. I notice there are a lot of pics of the Purse style but does anyone have the "Shopping" and which do ya'll like better? Which fits over the shoulder better?
  2. I believe they are the same right?
  3. do you mean the shopping?

    if so... i think the purse is smaller and rounder, while the shopping is longer and with a slightly more square bottom. i believe the shopping has an open top and the purse has a zipper as well.
  4. No the purse is similar to the City with no gussets and the shopper has no zipper but it does fit over your arm. Go to my collection in the bag showcase. The purse is in Rouille in the first picture, the Shopper is on the right in the second picture in black.
  5. actually, i believe mocean is correct. the purse and shopper are the same. the one with the open top and squarish bottom is called the shoppING.

    guess b just wants to keep everyone on their toes!
  6. You are correct!! I read somewhere that the purse was formerly called shopper.
  7. Can this get anymore confusing?!!LOL
  8. I'm very confused LOL.
    When the spring bags 1st came out I went to NM and tried what I thought was the Shopping bag but now I'm not sure. All I know is it fit really well over my shoulder. I can't remember if it zipped closed or not. And of course the SAs there won't know the right names if I asked. Too bad there wasn't anymore to try on.

    Atelier.naff shows 2 different bags. And the shopping doesn't have a zipper to close the bag. I just can't remember which one I tried on. If any one could take a pic with the shopping bag on, that would be great!! :flowers:

    PURSE 128522 $1095
    (11"h x 17"w; no strap)SHOPPING 145704 $1175
    (12"h x 16"w x 6"d; no strap)
  9. I have the purse (previously know as the shopper) --it is about the size of a city but not as wide on the bottom and the handles are a bit larger. I can easily fit it over my arm. The shopping is open at the top and larger (I can also fit over my arm).
    I personally love the purse and have been also contemplating the shopping bag to use as a tote when I need to carry alot of stuff (like packages, when I am shopping!)
  10. The purse was called the Shopper. It no longer is. If you see something similar, in name only,it would be the Shopping which is bigger than the purse and does not zip closed. They both fit over your shoulder.

    Hope this helps!
  11. Shoegal, can you post a pic carrying the shopping tote? I've love to see it being held.
  12. As soon as I get to a camera, no problem!:yes:
  13. If you want to carry your kitchen sink and an army, get the shopping. It's a ginormous bag. The purse fits less (like the city, but please remember it is flat- so if you carry a bottle of water in it... it'll stick out in profile). Both easily go over your shoulder.
  14. here's my eggplant shopper, i bought it on ebay. it's rounded on the bottom and it fits better in the arm.. i luuuvvv it
  15. holy crap, i want that bag!