Purse or Courier??

  1. Ok, So I'm addicted and obsessed now. All I think about are B-bags now and I'm starting to spread that addiction to those around me.

    So I've got my eyes on a Cornflower purse and a Emerald Courier. Both are lovely bags but I can't decide!!! I already have a Cornflower Shrug but I like the shape of the Purse more. But I want the biggest bag possible.

    How much bigger is the Courier than the Purse? I looked up the measurements on AtlierNaff but I rather have someone who owns the bag tell me. Photos would be greatly apprciated!
  2. ^ IMO: definitely go with the Emeral Courier as it's more spacious than the Purse and you already have a Cornflower bag.
  3. The Purse doesn't come with a strap right?
  4. ^ Right, no strap on the purse but it fits on most girls' shoulders (~6.5" drop) and will stretch some with use. Might not fit over a winter coat though.
  5. Yeah, I'm REALLY leaning towards the Courier too. I can see myself hauling my books around on campus in style :wlae::yahoo:
  6. I did love my courier. I love the minimalist look and the slouchy of it BUT.... the strap keeps "slipping" off my shoulders, thus ending up holding the strap to avoid slipping and falling off. After 5 months and used it 3 times...I sold it and just purchased the Blueberry DAY messenger bag instead.

    I carried this during one of my trips in LAX. I had 2 magazines, Wallet, Camera, Documents, light sweater and it's still roomy...BUT It ends up slipping off my shoulders...quite annoying. The contents and weight dragged it down and it hanged very droopy...quite annoying and ended up holding the strap rather than having 2 free hands.

    The purse got my VOTE. It will hold securely on your shoulders. Get the Purse, Work or weekender instead.

    But then, its all personal preferences.
  7. ^ What about wearing the courier cross-body messenger style, there wouldn't be a slipage problem then. Luv, don't get me wrong I love the purse style too, but if you're carrying books and stuff for school the courier seems very practical. And it's funny...my purse falls off my shoulders...I have to hold the straps up. I think it's because I don't have skinny arms and my boobs sort of knock it off (LOL)...maybe I should wear minimizers more often. :lol:
  8. True..I actually havent carried it messenger style. I think the strap is not that long..Im 5'4 and tone/muscular in shape..it didnt look particularly good on me....if i did carry it messenger style..it will hang too close to my chest and it wont look right.

    But check it out..Im sure you will like the courier of you decide on it. It was'nt for me though and I specifically used it for travelling. Best thing to do is go to Balenciaga retailers like NM, Barneys and try it on..then decide.

    I LOVE the Emerald color. I have it on the Weekender..LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS and I know you will fall in love with the color.

    Whatever you choose..it is going to be spectacular. Balenciaga Bags...I think is one of the best luxury bags around. I loved mine..im sure you will too.
  9. ^^ the courier rocks lizlikeshugs!!! :rochard:
  10. You GO aaallabama!!!!!! RAH!! RAH
  11. I prefer the purse over the courier:rolleyes:
  12. I tried out the purse but returned it because when stuffed, it looked funny. The shape was all lumpy. The courier is much much bigger, but when not full, it hangs really nicely and it doesn't look huge. Funny, I had the same problem with the courier strap slipping off my shoulder. I thought it was just me. I shortened the strap and it seems to be better now.
  13. I don't own either bag, but I have tried them on IRL. These are two different bags in terms of shape and what they can hold. The purse is a very flat, structured bag with a narrow opening. It doesn't have the slouchiness of other B-bags. It's a very ladylike handbag...or as my friend said "it's a purse; not a bag".

    The courier is more like the traditional motorcycle line B-bags with a large opening, lots of room and the hobo-like slouchiness. If you plan on carrying books/magazines/water bottles...go with the courier.
  14. I vote courier, especially since you already have a cornflower bag. I have a rouge courier and love it. I generally wear it messenger style. Holds a ton and looks great.
  15. Personally, I prefer the Purse...
    But I agree with Bark : you seem to need courier (for colour+size reasons)...