Purse on P.S. I Love You carried by Hilary Swank

  1. Hello~
    Does anyone know who the black with gold bag is by as seen in the movie P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank? Looks like a Marc Jacobs but I haven't found it so I think it must be another brand???
  2. She does carry a marc jacobs bag, it's the one that's like the hudson but smaller. the trish, maybe? except I think the trish is round and this one is definitely just a mini-hudson in its shape...

    But I'm not talking about the bag she uses as her evening bag in many scenes, that one I don't know.
  3. How can I find out??? I have been searching with no luck!
  4. Is it the one in this pic? It's the best I could find. Too small for me to see.

  5. ^that's the one that's not MJ.

    However, this one that she carries in the movie is MJ, it's a fall/winter 06 bag. The ladies in that forum will know exactly what it's called if it's indeed the one you had in mind.

  6. off topic, but she had the best accessories and coats in that movie - loved most of her clothes too !
  7. Hi
    It is the one in the second photo, the smaller photo where she is wearing a headband. Does anyone know which bag this is?
  8. that's marc jacobs collection, i believe it's the Trish, and it's from Fall/Winter '06. it's the shorter version of the Hudson.
  9. This may be incredibly late, but that purse that Hilary Swank has in the film is none of ones mentioned or posted. Its called the Mini Bowler by Marc Jacobs.
  10. hey, does anyone know what top she's wearing in this photo?