Purse-N-Boots.com Website?

  1. has anyone purchase any item from seller: purse-n-boots-fashion? is it alright to purchase from this seller?
  2. I've never purchased from this seller. I believe they are a member here, so everything should be good :tup:.
  3. This doesn't necessarily mean anything.

    Just a general statement.
  4. They are, from experience, reputable sellers. But if you see something you are interested in have it authenticated before bidding or buying, as a general rule of thumb.
  5. I did a search and couldn't finad anything so hopefully I'm not repeating but...

    Does anyone know if Purse-N-Boots.com sells authentic handbags?:confused1: They have some great sales and I'm considering making a purchase.

    Thanks for the help!!
  6. I do believe she's a member on this board. Try looking up her member name.
    Her stuff looks good to me too.
  7. If you do a search using the parenthesis, you'll get more relevant results :p;)

  8. Has anyone heard of, or used Purse-n-boots.com ?? Their pics all seem legit, but the prices seem eerily similar to all those scammer sites that would post pictures of the real thing and send fakes.. TIA
  9. They are completely legit and the owner is a member here as well!
  10. Great News!!! Thanks for the response!:nuts::tup:
  11. usually a search on Google for the company name and "scam" or "ripoff" will bring to light a dodgy company.

    Nothing came up for puss-n-boots
  12. Definitely authentic.
  13. Purse-n-boots.com is a great seller! I just bought a Gucci Pelham from them and just received it today. I took detailed photos of the bag and had the ladies on Authenticate this Gucci look at them - and it was deemed authentic! The seller is friendly and knowledgable and communication was great! Shipping was lightning fast and I saved a lot of $$ too! I'm definitely going to be a lifetime customer of purse-n-boots!:yahoo:
  14. I have purchased 3 Chanel bags from Purse-n-Boots and they were brilliant - shipping to Aust was done without fuss and promptly, items were packaged safely and securely, emails were answered quickly and they were very friendly. I would have no hesitation in purchasing from them again.