Purse/leather repair shops in S.F.

  1. I recently bought a pre owned white Jimmy Choo bag on ebay. I love it-(it's real!), but it needs a little cleaning in some areas. I have some good cleaners for handbags at home, but I am absolutely afraid to try to clean it myself with such a light colored bag- Does anyone know of a good handbag/leather repair shop in San Francisco (or surrounding areas) that could give it a good cleaning and protection...a shop that perhaps deals with high end goods?
    Thanks so much!
  2. I can recommend a really good place, but its in Seattle. They do all Nordstrom's handbag repair work. Give them a call and see what they say. If they can help you, you'd have to ship the bag up to them. I had them do a repair on one of my MJ bags and they did a great job. They are really nice.

    Extra Care Handbag Repair
    (206) 241-5770
    1029 S 146th St
    Burien, WA 98168