Purse Insert?

  1. or something to the sort..
    does it exist?
    I`m afraid of getting my purse dirty inside.. like makeup stains and such.
  2. There is a whole thread on here which provides good info. Just search chameleons or purse pockets.

    Good Luck
  3. I gleefully embraced the exciting and glamorous Sub-Purse Lifestyle some time ago.

    Mine is a red satin thing, all lousy with little scrolls of gold embroidery that I got with a couple of other smaller less embroidered ones, bundled into a 3-pack for $4 at the Burlington Coat Factory.

    I suspect the big elaborate one might have gotten in there by mistake. It is actual satin, not polyester or acetate.

    So all my essentials get zipped into it, and now I can change purses faster than Mr Puff can pee, to his amazement.
  4. I just love the turn of phrase "...all lousy with little scrolls of gold embroidery." Very good imagery--I swear I can actually see it!
  5. I use a Purseket in my Balenciagas. Just google it !