Purse Insert and Organizer for St. Louis GM


Jan 21, 2008
Hello TPF’ers!

After many years of lusting after the Goyard St. Louis, I finally pulled the trigger! She is en route to me and will be here by Thursday or Friday!

I know many of you use Samorga or Zoomoni, but I’d rather not have to wait several weeks and pay a ridiculous amount (to me) for an organizer. I ordered a light pink felt organizer from Amazon and was wondering if any of you ladies have had any issues with color transfer due to the inserts/organizers?

Thanks in advance!
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
Hi, I use my Samorga organizer that I purchased for my 35 birkin a few years ago inside of my Goyard PM. It works just fine. The color I got is beige/ linen color, so it goes really well with the inside of the bag. No color transfer. But I don't know if with a darker color, transfer will occur or not. I suspect no.