Purse in movie Final Destination 3

  1. Hi - I was wondering if anyone knew the name or make of the bag that the main character was wearing in the movie Final Destination 3 - it was a very long strap type messenger bag? I want one just like it but I either am not looking it up under the right name or I just can't find one like it. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. oh welcome to the forum.. :flowers:

    it seems u registered just to know the name of that bag.. well u came to the right place.. i'm sure experts here will know what u're looking for:yes:
  3. Sorry I never saw the movie so I cant help. Do you have any pics you can post (from the movie or ads)?
  4. do you mean this one? i couldn't find a better pic...
    2006_cheating_death_final_destination_3_005 (Large).jpg
  5. oh, found another picture:

  6. Oh the Irony! I'm literally turning that movie on now.
  7. ^ i liked it, enjoy! :biggrin: