Purse Identification (Description only!)

  1. I bought a Chanel purse several years ago (I don't have it with me currently) and would like to know the name of it.

    It was a small flap, magenta, quilted (?) and had these cute little ladybug keychain/charms on the strap.. the strap was really long, so I had to wear it across my body. The strap also had some kind of chain thing all over it.

    I've been trying to search the internet for pictures of my purse, but haven't had any luck. Maybe the experts in this forum can help me? :smile:
  2. I believe a TPFer has this one ( her name is Waterfalls). You can search up a picture in the reference library. The pictures are in the pictures of flaps thread. sorry i dont know the name either but she is a cute/gorgeous little charm!!
  3. it's from the spring/summer collection of that year you bought. i remember that series vividly, it was so cute! i loved it when chanel had this series of bold POP colors like the valentine heart chain flap bag. too bad i missed out on them, LOL no loss anyway, it's lambskin (gasps)! :p
  4. Ah, I see. Thank you both of you for your help! ;D

    Would either of you happen to know how much it would go for if I were to sell it right now?
  5. ^ i don't know though! how small is it? a mini or small flap?