Purse Hypthetical: Would You Rather...

  1. Let's say you had $2,000 to spend, but YOU HAD TO SPEND IT THIS WAY:

    Either three mid-range purses (Botkier, Bulga, Gustto, M by MJ, for example)


    One very expensive purse (Chloe, Dior, Fendi...)

    Which would you pick? Three mid-range purses or one high-end purse?
  2. For 2,000 I would get 3 (or more like 4) Koobas and Gusttos
  3. I would to the one, classic expensive purse...

    Or, you can pretty much go "middle of the road" and buy 2 balenciagas with 2k!
  4. It depends on if there's anything I'm absolutely in love with at the time.

    I'd go for the one high end bag. It isn't often you're able to drop that much money at one time on a bag, so I'd take the opportunity if it was available. There would be plenty of time to get the money for the middle end bags later.
  5. Well since you threw Chloe into the ring, I would have to go there...(Why can't I find a great Silverado Doctor bag on eBay....)

    But I'm kinda sensible too, and I would probably opt out and get several bags.
  6. Three mid-range purses.
  7. I drooling over Miu Miu bags at the moment, so definitely one high-end bag...
  8. I would go with 3 mid-range price handbags! I love buying purses and having the chance to choose 3 sounds exciting! I would do the one-nice-handbag option when I'm older and hopefully more responsible with my purses (I am rough with them).
  9. My interests right now are more LV so I'd go with one higher end!
  10. Ooh, I love hypothetical questions!
    Normally I would go with the trinity of bags: Gustto, Bulga and Kooba, please.

    But I never get $2000 to blow all at once and I have a big trip coming up this summer where I can show off my bag...so I'm going to say that I'd get one Chloe. Or a Chanel.
  11. higher end
  12. I'd go for one high-end bag.
  13. Yup - high end for me too, I might add a bit of my own money and splash out on a vintage Hermes Kelly (my absolute dream bag!)
  14. I'd go totally high-end for a brand I usually don't go for such as Chanel.

  15. I would also go for a high end bag since its what I normally can't afford. I would love to own a Chanel bag :crybaby: