Purse Hooks / Hangers

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Purse Hooks

  1. I currently use purse hooks for my bbag

  2. No purse hooks for me

  3. Don't have one yet but I'm considering getting one

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  1. These are everywhere now! LOL the cheapest one I could find was at The Google Store! $11.95


    http://www.purse-pal.com/handbag_hooks.htm Purse Pals are more expensive but they donate $5 of every sale to charity - at the moment the charity is Hurricanes Katrina & Rita relief

    Really fancy ones here: http://www.cwdesignllc.com/StoreFront.bok

    Monogrammed ones here: http://www.flosaccessories.com/products.aspx

    Thanks for the reminder heavensent - been meaning to get one of these!
  2. I think that's a cute idea!
  3. I don't know if people use handbag hooks or not, but I am thinking about getting one. I put my LV down on the floor the other day and only when I was leaving did I realize that there were tons of crumbs stuck to the bottom of the bag!

    I am looking for this one but can't find it anywhere. Anyone buy this? Where can I find it?

    Handbag hook.jpg
  4. That's a good idea. Is it portable so that you could bring it along to the hair salon?
  5. I looked at that one but it's not retractable like the one I found....
  6. Here's a better picture of the hook, you can retract it so it wraps around the enamel part.
    Handbag hook D.jpg
  7. Wasn't there a post by Vlad or Megs about handbag hooks a while ago? Hmmm....may have to investigate.
  8. Honestly, I would feel really, really pretentious whipping this out of my purse and hanging my handbag on the end of a table at a restaurant.
  9. I got one for Christmas. It's a great idea but I don't use it because I'd feel silly. I always manage to put my bag in a spare chair or else I just hold it..lol
  10. I have one too, but never use it. I usually put my purse behind me on my chair and just sit very upright. I'd rather do that than put my bag on the floor.
  11. ME too although I hate sitting my purse on the floor! Maybe if we all started using them, they would be the new "in" thing and not so pretentious! There is power in numbers!

    I can just see my husbands face if I whipped one of these out!:shame:
  12. I purchased the one in the photo (in black) from Bluefly, but I don't think they currently have them in stock. I just looked at mine and it doesn't have any company name stamped on it either. :sad:

    I don't feel pretentious using it - the big problem I have is remembering to use it!