Purse Holders

  1. Do you ladies use them? The holder allows you to hang your purse right from the table. I hate it when I go out and there's no place to put my purse (especially in the bathroom). Lately, all of my purses have short handles, so I can't hang them from my chair. I'm not putting my bag on the floor! My purse holder was given to me and I don't know where I can get another. I would love to have one for each bag.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks ladies.
  2. Duh!! I just found a whole slew of 'em on ebay. Thanks anyway, girls. Do any of y'all use them too?
  3. There are a ton of girls on the eBay purse boards that love them.

    Now I need to find where I saw the one that hangs from the headrest on your car seat to hang a bag from. That way it doesn't sit in the floor board. (I have kids and don't always have room in the seat for it. I've actually been keeping it on my console or in my lap! LOL)
  4. I use them all the time and I never go out without one :love:
  5. I found some cute ones on ebay a couple of years ago -- I bought a dozen of them and gave them to my girlfriends as stocking stuffers. The are great -- I'd like to get some more!
  6. Do you have some pics of the purse holders? Never seen one...
  7. i got mine for $6.49 shipped from eBay :nuts::



  8. These are the ones that I have.


    Can't you tell I love pink, LOL :P
  9. Claires & the like have them. I think you have to be careful, I have heard horror stories about table tipping & food spilling on bags...
  10. What bag is that? I have never seen one???
  11. I think Gucci?
  12. it's the Guccissima Wave Boston Bag :yes:
  13. I love this place! I have learned sooo much---first pursekets, now purseholders! Y'all ROCK!
  14. i hope this isn't a silly question but how does the top of the holder stay on the bale, are they really heavy or is there a gentle adhesive?

    they are cute though, it makes me want to buy some :biggrin:
  15. The weight of the bag makes the holder stay put. Although do remember that it puts more pressure on one side of the table and light tables can tip over.