Purse hangers?


"It's been 84 years..."
Sep 30, 2006
Does anyone have a favorite purse hanger?

I've been slowly getting felt bag shaper purse inserts for my bags, which makes me wonder if I could just hang them and free up my shelf space.

I've been looking at the different purse hanger options online. Some seem to have a curve to prevent the handles of the bag from deforming, which I think is better than the ones that are just a little hook. I'm not sure whether the part that touches the handle should be chromed metal or plastic. Some seem to be capable of hanging several bags vertically and I can't decide whether that's ideal or not because I'm not sure I want my bags to touch. Some seem to be like little plastic shelves that hang from hangars so each bag gets its own shelf. Of the shelf variety there are ones that close tight and ones that breathe.

I'm not sure if there are downsides to these different hanger solutions that I'm just not imagining right now.

For some of my bags I still have the original boxes they came in so I store those in their dust bags inside of the boxes. I think for the ones I've decided should be on rotation this season, an easy-to-reach solution would be best.


Mar 29, 2006
It's not recommended to store a bag inside a box. Leather can retain moisture that way, leading to mildew etc. About hanging bags, it exerts gravitational pull downward of course, causing deformation or sagging. Some bag styles are fine that way I guess, but many are not, including anything structured. I'd stick with flat surfaces, personally.


Mar 26, 2015
I don't like the idea of my bags being in any one position too long, even hanging. But I have used these with some success because the hanger curves down and supports the strap/belt in a more rounded, natural way. Some brands (like Bal) can be hung up with no issues but most imo should be stored upright/flat and rotated