Purse Hangers?

  1. Has anyone bought and used a purse hanger for their lovely LV's? I saw them for sale on Poupetteluxe, and ordered three of them - one for me, one for my mom and one for my best friend. A really nice (and creative!) woman named Mia created and sells them, and I am really excited to receive my order and start using the hanger at restaurants and places to keep my new LV's off the nasty, evil floor! :yahoo: Just wondered if anyone has one, and if so, what you think of it! I'll let you know how mine works when I get it in a week or so. I really think this is something we could all use and appreciate! Thanks for any feedback you might have!
  2. Yes, I have one and I like it. Doesn't work if the table is too thick. It's better than hanging your bag on the chair. I actually carry mine in my pomme cles. I guess I should see if it fits in my heart. I gave some to people for Xmas.

  3. Don't have one but I should get one. Thanks for sharing.
  4. O don't have one, but I need it!!
  5. That's such a clevor idea! I heard that some restuarants have purse hangers, but I never looked into it.
  6. hi! what are purse hangers? do u have a picture of what it looks like?? :smile: thanks!
  7. I have one! They used this little thing when I was dining at Gary Danko and it works great!

    Here's one from eBay:


    Picture Credit: eBay
  8. Wow! I need one of those! Thanks Michelle and OP!
  9. Happy to help. It's a great little thing, I put it in my bag and it even comes in a little velvet bag.
  10. That's so cool! I've never seen that before. I'll buy one, thanks for the info!
  11. looks pretty handy to have one. thanks guys for sharing.. havent seen something like that before :supacool:
  12. Don't have one, but I will consider to buy it ;) Since I always put my baby on the chair :p
  13. I know sandra (yeuxhonettes) has one her bag collection thread. I think they're cute but make it easy for your bag to get snatched.
  14. Yeah they are such handy little things :smile:
  15. Wow, how does it work? The disc is so thin and light, how does it grip the table?