Purse, handbag, pocketbook?

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  1. These are some of the names for our common obsession used in my neck of the woods. I live in NYC. What do people call it where you live?:confused1:
  2. It's the same here up north of the border, and sometimes we hear tote or satchel once in awhile, or just bag. Handbag is pretty common, especially for Commonwealth countries.
  3. I'm originally from South Africa and over there, we call it a handbag. Purse is an american wallet and pocketbook confused me completely.
  4. I'm from the Southern United States and I've heard them called all of the three that you listed above but I call it a purse.
  5. My boyfriend is originally from Maryland and when he called my purse, "pocketbook" I was :confused1: and it made me chuckle. I'm originally from Texas and use the term 'purse'. I
  6. Mine is usually my purse or my bag, occasionally my handbag.

    My dad calls it a pocketbook.

    My SO calls it an obsession:wtf:
  7. when i moved to georgia and someone called it a pocketbook, i'm sure i looked at them like they were crazy. (and probably still do, lol).

    never heard it called anything but a purse when i lived in ohio.
  8. A lot of men call them "pocketbooks" - LOL
  9. Me & family call it Purse.
    *Shanta* in Arabic ;)
  10. hahaha me too!
    i'm from the philippines and we called pocket sized storybooks (as in novels), pocketbooks...

    i just call it a bag both in the philippines and in the us... :smile:
  11. I've always called it a purse and am originally from the midwest. Some of the girls that I teach with from NY call them pocketbooks. Crazy! I rarely hear anyone call them handbags here in Atlanta.:yes:
  12. Most people I know call it bag or purse... sometimes handbag. I really like "pocketbook" (it sounds kind of old world) but never use it.
  13. a Bag

    haha.. thats it

    handtaschen in German!!!
  14. Bag or handbag. never heard of pocketbook before and purse is american to me. My purse is the small thing i put coins in!!!
  15. I was thinking about this on the bus home from buying 3 new clutch bags today *eep*

    I think of a purse as being something I can only fit coins in
    Monsoon Accessorize - Soft Leather Purse

    I think of a wallet as being a man's accessory mainly or something smallish I can put both coins and notes in and maybe a few credit cards
    Monsoon Accessorize - Leather Large Lock Wallet

    I think of a pocketbook as being only slightly smaller than a clutch bag which folds out and has lots of compartments for 'stuff'
    Salvatore Ferragamo -  Crociera Pebbled Calfskin Continental Wallet -  Neiman Marcus

    all of which go into a handbag or purse :p