Purse, Handbag, Bag, etc... What do you call yours?


What do you call your bag?

  1. Purse

  2. Handbag

  3. Bag

  4. Specific type: tote, shoulder bag, clutch, etc (depending what you are carrying)

  5. Other: share in comments

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  1. Just like Soda, Pop, Coke, Soft Drink, our bags can be referred to in different ways.

    What do you call you Purse, Handbag, Bag, etc...
  2. I use to always call them purses. But since buying Louis Vuitton, I know tend to call them handbags. For some reason it sounds more designer. Is that silly?
  3. I call it a bag. Or if it's a clutch bag, a clutch. To me, the brand doesn't make a difference in this regard.
  4. I call them bags. and "包包“..a cute name for bags in chinese hahah
  5. It's either "bag" or the actual name of the bag (Artsy, Speedy, etc.).
  6. Bag :smile:
  7. "Pocketbook"....is that old fashioned???
  8. bag, and purse about even, never handbag or pocketbook, like pop or soda, (pop) no biggie tho
  9. I say bag or purse. I also will say which specific purse by style and color sometimes. So, it's my Betseyville black pantent clutch or the patchwork bag from Australia. My husband gets really confused. He says purse for wallet and bag, handbag or pocketbook for purse. LOL I should give them all names, like Sally, Mary, etc.
  10. Bag, although sometimes I call them by their given names! Yes I have been known to name my bags!
  11. No one in the UK calls it a purse, because here a purse refers to a woman's wallet. However I'm a guy, so I don't call mine a purse or a handbag, just a bag. :p

    LV and in particular tPF, though, has got me referring to women's bags as purses, and to all types of wallets as just that. It does make more sense than the British way. :lol:
  12. Every name has a different meaning, for a different bag.

    A bag is something that you carry
    Handbag is to be carried by hand - satchel, single strap - but nothing with a shoulder strap
    Satchel is two short handles
    Tote is two long handles
    Crossbody is a bag with a long shoulder strap
    Messenger bag is a cross body, which is large enough to fit documents
    Shoulder bag is a bag with a short strap which falls to mid hip
    Hobo is a bag which fits immediately under the arm and is unstructured.
    Purse is something which goes inside your large bag
  13. I call them bags for the most part. Only DH calls them 'purses'. I sometimes use the term handbag if I'm talking to someone about a department or someone who just isn't into bags. The only other term I use regularly is clutch - for some reason, I can't call clutches bags.
  14. I've thought this was an east coast term. I have only ever heard it when on the east coast.
  15. I always seem to refer to my bags as handbags. Ironically I mostly wear hobos.