Purse Geniuses- I need your help.

  1. Like all of you I am purse addicted. I am writing an article for my school newspaper about designer bags- here's the catch, they have to be lower-end designers and they have to be school bag/tote size. I am trying to give some affordable bags ($0-250ish) suggestions, that are also stylish designers, to my school. I know this will not be LV or gucci. And of course not Hermes or Chanel, but brands like Coach or the french Longchamp or even just lacoste. The girls fantasize about the beautiful (yet horribly expensive) bags. I would just like to put an idea in their heads, that yes there are designers and brands out there. Do you, the wise purse addicts and lovers, have any suggestions? I hope you have some ideas. Thanks so much!
  2. Hi, nice to hear from you. How do you feel about independent designers (ie most people may not have heard of them) They are very creative people :biggrin:

    When do you have to submit your article?
  3. Do you have any independent designers in mind? I think that would be fine, I'll just have to brainwash all the LV and Chanel out of them!!
    The article doesnt have to be submitted for a few weeks. I came here first!!
  4. It's going to be very tough to brainwash them :biggrin: You have a few weeks to submit your article - excellent! The ladies (and gents) here will certainly be able to help you, enjlux.

    Can we talk about non-leather bags as well?
  5. For well known designers purses on the other hand, you can use Coach, BCBGirls or even some BCBG Max Azria. There's also Kate Spade that's very modern yet simple, Kenneth cole or an American Designers like Michael Kors.
  6. There have been a few threads about bags in the range of $200 and below recently, and also some threads on up-and-coming designers as well as independent designers. So to recap:

    For starters, enjlux, you might care to look at this site (one of many sites featuring independent designers, who I personally think are brilliant):


    There are a few bags there that cost less than $250 and which hopefully you'll agree can be used as a school tote:

    Helen E Riegle Leaf bag (a laptop bag) $185 - on her site, there's a discount.
    For the ecologically conscious :biggrin:

    Slouch tote by Sherry Brown (who has her own website urban-kitty)

    Travelcity tote by Sherry Brown $180 (Sherry was named as a designer on the rise by StyleBakery - can't remember if it was last year, will check later)

    Helen E Riegle glory tote $188

    Nam Kim Fly by Night $235

    Laurel Brandstetter Globetrot $80

    Laurel runs


    another socially conscious company

    More suggestions to follow later. :biggrin:
  7. The Coach Hamptons totes come in 3 different sizes. The mini is really cute for teenagers and then the medium and large. They have fun, cool summer colors and are all under 200$
  8. Great suggestions! Plus mainstream companies like JCrew and BRep, even the Gap are "upping" their bag game and coming up with some really nice styles! Good luck with your assignment!
  9. Enjlux, forgive me for rambling on but I really hope you'll put in some mention of the indie designers.

    As there is a wide gap in age between your schoolmates and myself, what may seem cool to me may seem the reverse to your goodselves. :biggrin: Nonetheless, what do you think of these totes/bags by the independents?


    Bennie & Olive


    Gina B (laptop bag)

    Bambina di Cioccolato

    ATTN: New York

    Crystalyn Kae - vegan-friendly

    The T-shirt project

    La Voleuse

  10. DKNY has some nice bags that are well made and affordable. I got a calfskin tote for $200, and I carried it everyday for a year. It still looks as good as the day I bought it. Zappos has about 10 pages of DKNY style that you can skim through for ideas:

  11. Zappos is a great site, as is ebags.

    Hobo Int'l, Tignanello, Liz Claiborne etc make stylish quality and affordable bags for women.


    Osgoode Marley

    You can find bags under $250 on shopping sites as well:

    Un-Apes Midi de Chien


    High Way

    There are designers like Tano, Dutchy, Almas - you can get stylish looking leather bags under $250.
  12. Enjlux, I hope you’ll indulge me by letting me post a lot in this thread (and going off point somewhat. At least, the other tPFers have not gone off point. :biggrin: ). Just wanted to let you take a look at what indie designers have been producing (and the bags mentioned below CAN be used to carry textbooks, I think):

    Fivestarsreviews.com featured these designers:

    Designer: Karen Lukacs

    Karen Lukacs Multi Floral Bolsa $205

    Karen Lukacs Coloured Triangles Bolsa $205

    14" wide by 13" high, with a 4" wide base. Short handles are a 5" briefcase length, long handles are a 9" drop for the shoulder.
    Bags are made from discarded sweaters and coats. Interesting idea …

    Designer: Bungalow360

    Adorable website not least because of the owners’ two gorgeous cats Mrs Strudels and Mr Heimer appearing on it:


    Peace - Tiki 15” x 15” $40

    Peace – Diablo 18” x 14” $40

    Peace – Pink Blossom 18” x 14” $40

    Pink Nose Petunia $30
    14” x 14”

    Cotton Paradise Sing Along $42
    15” x 15”
    A strap is included if you wish to carry the bag messenger style

    Designer: Nappa Studio:

    Canvas mushroom tote $110
    Dimensions: oval shaped bottom 13.5”W, 8”, 12.5” H (including handle)
  13. Will your schoolmates take to the idea of bags made entirely from men's ties? Have any of you seen someone wearing such a bag?

    This is a novel concept dreamed up by Dondadesigns:


    Totes, messengers, backpacks and the original.

    Quoting from the website:


    This is our version of the messenger bag. It is made from thirteen premium ties. It includes a fold over flap for added security. The strap is long enough to wear across the chest. Approximate Dimensions: 15.00" long, 3.00" wide, 9.00" high. 24.00" strap. The tote tie bag is priced at $47.00

    Our signature backpack was designed for modern utility and style. It includes a fold over flap for added security. Approximate Dimensions: 12.00” long, 3.00” wide, 11.00 high. 28.00” straps. The backpack is priced at $49.00





    Messengers cost $47 each

    Backpacks cost $49 each
  14. Thank You so much Passerby! There are so many great bags I would have never found on my own! Thanks and Thanks again!!
  15. i like triple 5 soul. they have nice school bags w/ a little spunk. I don't even think any of the bags are over $150.

    juicy couture has cute totes

    and i seen some marc by marc jacobs (school bag size) for under $250 too.

    also bebe... all girls love bebe www.bebe.com and it's still considered very stylish (mischa barton is the face of bebe)