Purse from Days of Our Lives

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  1. I'm going to try this again :smile: The purse/satchel that Sami (Allsion Sweeney) is using - I MUST know who makes it and where I can get it! I really like it and I"m having a hell of a time finding this info. I even called the wardrobe dept but not surprisingly didn't get a call back.

    You get a great view of it in yesterdays show when Sami and EJ are talking in the park.

    Please help me!!!! :sad:

    Thank you
  2. do you have a link to the clip or anything to view?
  3. It's very hard to tell from the clips...sorry!
  4. I tried the message board, an e-mail for wardrobe from the NBC site (that didn't work) AND left a VM for the dept but didn't get a call back :sad: