Purse Forum's Louis Vuitton subForum Rocks!

  1. Has anyone else noticed that everytime and anytime (whether it be 6 am, noon, 6 pm, or 2 am :nuts: !) you log into the Purse Forum that the LV sub-forum has the largest number of users. And, not just by one or two more users--usually it is 10x :yes: the amount as the others!

    tPF LVers are a great group of people! :wlae:
  2. lol I finally get to use this smiley::woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  3. I love the WooHoo Smiley!
  4. We do rock, eh? :graucho:
  5. :yes: I guess because it's so international I know I've put threads up before and gone to bed the next morning there's like 5 pages, it's amazing.
    I only really hang out in the LV bit I do visit some other sections but this is my home
  6. IM so happy i joined. You guys are the Best!!!! My life is full of purses bc of all you. SO MUA!!!!!:love:
  7. LV Lovers Rock!!!!
  8. No only that but whenever you ask a question, you usually get some kind of response....I've noticed on the other forums if you ask a question, sometimes you never get an answer but you can see that it's been view like 1000 times??? VERY STRANGE!!!
  9. Yeah we are...aren't we?:smile: We are all in love with LV and we are quite helpful and willing to listen to problems, concerns, highs..lows..whatever!!
  10. Yay for the LV subforum!!!:woohoo:
  11. I love this forum, theres always new topics, and I learn something new everytime I come here
  12. I do always notice that there are more in here than any other forum. It's because LV rocks and so do the people that love it!
  13. LV is the BEST!!!
  14. Yeah baby!

    We ROCK!!!!!!
  15. :biggrin: i love it here :biggrin: