Purse Forum Secret Santa

  1. Didn't know where I should post this, but had an idea. What if we did a Purse Forum Secret Santa? There could be rules set to how much you're allowed to spend and what is inappropriate to buy. It might be kind of fun. Anyone else think this could be a good idea, or a flop? :angel:
  2. hmmmm....it's a good idea just may be a little hard. Maybe someone has some suggestions on how we can do it.
  3. I think it is a good idea but it may not work.
  4. That would be FUUUUUUUUN, but very hard to organize and control
  5. I tried this a while back and Vlad wasnt real fond of the idea. You would have to check with he and Megs first. I thought it would be fun too, its just really tough to organize.
  6. Sounds fun!!
  7. That would be fun!
  8. Allison, I think its a great idea. Hope it gets approved:yes:
  9. Fun! Perhaps, it will be easier to do a 'pretend' secret santa....
  10. I organized one on another forum once; while there were 60,000 members, only 50 or so participated... and it was STILL a nightmare. Especially with sending overseas. For some reason tons of people never got their stuff if they were sending to/from austrailia.
    Anways, nightmare. Of course it was mostly teenaged boys, so I guess things would be tons better here :P
  11. Sounds like fun.
  12. Sounds like a great idea, might be a challenge, but would be fun!
  13. awesome idea! Im in.. if it works of course, they may be a little complications to it! great great idea!
  14. We did this on the parenting board I used to have-it was very hard to organize. Someone has to be willing to take on the resposnibility of matching people, making sure everyone sends their gifts out on time, etc. etc.. And, a lot of moaning and complaining will ensue-trust me-LOL! But, i would be willing to participate.

    Or, how about a card exchange?
  15. I did this on two other boards last year and we used Secret Santa Online Gift Exchange Organizer which was a lifesaver...the trick is to match people within their countries so nobody has to deal with paying customs and other cross-border shipping headaches!