Purse Forum /sa Issue!!!!

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
I need to run something by all of you...I had a very ...well......unusual experience today that I need to share ..!
I went to my fav SA at Saks and she asked me if I was on this forum!!! APPARENTLY ...I had told the forum what a great SA she is and someone from the forum used her services and told her of how she knew of her name.This SA went to our forum and LOOKED up EVERYTHING...like the snotty SA thread we all wrote....etc...You get the gist if it....I was like totally mortified!!!!!! She ..thank god...is like a friend and an SA to me....and thought it was way cool..( especially that she got a new customer from it...She is really cool!)..However...In the event our SA's should start reading what we are writing...CAN I PLEASE ask that if we recommend an SA or anything from this forum...please not say how we know each other???!!!(I would say a friend referred me to the SA...rather than the forum...?)
I hope this came out right but this SA told me the other SA's in that store started looking up what we are writing about them and yes...it kind of concerned me and a little tiny bit embarassed me...PS -NEVER EVER USE YOUR REAL FIRST NAME ON THE FORUM.....didnt work out too good for me!!!!!!!!!
:amazed: :lol:

How :shame: !!!

That's good that she gained a customer, but in the process the SA found out interesting way that this customer heard of her! It's a small internet world...
why would any SA be offended by the comments unless they were guilty of that behavior? all the comments were about specific incidents. maybe they should read the thread so they know that people are paying attention and that kindness does matter.
HEE HEE! too funny...actually ..I was also kind of concerned about the fact that they could track what we are and arent buying from them....it was just very weird...to say the least!!
It's interesting, I never imagined that kind of thing coming up (I mean the initial thing that Jill just described).
I think I agree with Jill, that I like to feel that this space is more for us than for the SAs. (Not anything against the SAs obviously, and if they find the forum on their own, or if they wish to use it as private consumers, that's fine). Also, I kind of feel for her -- I'd rather have people say "a friend referred me" too. I dunno. Obviously this is not a 'secret' spot, or anything like that, and anybody who is smart about doing market research would check us out. But it's nice to be able to chat about choices with a slight modicum of anonymity -- away from the stores.