purse forum meeting

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  1. just wanted to say that i am soso jealous of the Nor-Cal purse forum meeting :sad:.......sounds like so much fun wish i could attend........why's there no NYC purse forum meeting? :worried:

    i hope u CA ladies have tons of funs and take lots and lots of photos to post here to make me even more sad that i live on the wrong end of the country :cry:
  2. I'm in NYC. We should have one!!
  3. Ohhh.... I wish I could come to NYC for a PF Meeting! How fun that would be!
  4. I live in DC, but would totally come up for a meeting!
  5. Well, see we have a few! We can be cool like No-Cal too!
  6. Im in VA, may be we could have an East Coast meeting?
  7. Sanguar,

    I just checked out your webpage! It is beautiful!

    Congratulations on your engagement! I am so excited for you! I love weddings!!!! Yippee!!
  8. ^Thanks!! I still have so much to do :smile:
  9. How about a 'down south' meeting??? ;)
  10. i wanna be cool like the nor-cal people :sad2:

    everybody should come up to NYC for a day of fun :nuts:

    and sanguar beautiful wedding page......congrats on the upcoming nuptuals....i see ur from brooklyn i worked in brooklyn for awhile
  11. We need a FLORIDA one.
  12. Thanks!! Any dates in mind???
  13. hmmm.....no idea as of yet.......

    wonder if any of the NY/NJ east coast ladies would want to do the monthly luncheon thing....if not just a day of shopping would be fun, preferably summerish of course....

    how many of us are there anyway?
  14. Congrats Sanguar on your upcoming wedding! The website is gorgeous :smile: Very very very exciting times :smile:
  15. Thanks!!!!