Purse Forum Marathon!

  1. I am having insomnia right now. Its 3 am in L.A. AND YES, THE CLUB IS OPEN!! but I started thinking, we should have some kind of marathon and raise some money for something worthwhile. maybe friends/family can pledge $$ for every consecutive hour we are on the PF! We have alot of animal shelters in need. what do you guys think> Vlad, Megs, is this doable?
  2. A lot of us stay on all day! I think that's a really good idea, surf the Purse Forum and help animal shelters!
  3. Superb idea, bagsnshoofetish!
  4. LOL very fun
  5. Any update on this, bagnshoofetish? Did you get the approval of Megs and Vlad for this fantastic idea of yours?
  6. This may have already been posted elsewhere on this forum but I reckon this thread is as good a place to post about it as well. For some people who might not be aware, there is a simple way to raise funds (every bit helps) for homeless animals in the US:

    PetSmart Charities: Donate

    Recycle your used inkjet cartridges and cell phones and save a homeless pet's life

    You can help save homeless pets by turning in your used inkjet cartridges (no Epsons) and digital cell phones. PetSmart Charities will receive a $2.00 donation from every cartridge and phone recycled through this program. Plus, you will help save the environment too! To receive a postage paid envelope for mailing your used inkjet cartridge or cell phone, simply click on the link below or visit your nearest PetSmart store to pick one up. To find a PetSmart store near you, click here.


    Please help spread the word (especially to people at work). Thanks.
  7. There's actually a website that does this: It's called Blogathon Blogathon 2006 The big date for it was actually just last weekend- July 28. They ask bloggers to raise money by posting in their blog or forum once every half hour for 24 hours-the money you raise goes to your charity.

    It's a neat way to earn money for charity.

    It would be neat to do it here!
  8. Thanks for that link, jillybean. Wow, that blogathon raised over $100,000 - great stuff!
  9. WOW...since I am logged in 24 hrs a day...even if I am not home...yikes!...I would raise A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!
  10. Hey I'm back. All great suggestions. Have not heard back form Vlad or Megs yet but then again, I haven't formally asked them yet. I think maybe if they set up a fund via PayPal or something in the name of the Purse Forum Charity, people can donate there. Now we just have to figure out how to track peoples time on the forum. Would donations be per post or per hour?
  11. Personally, I'd go for donations per hour.