purse forum jewelry/charm in action!

  1. i couldn't decide if this should go in the jewelry forum or here...so if it belongs in the other one, please move it. :wlae:

    i saw in the charm thread that some of you are beginning to recieve your pieces. would you mind posting pictures on yourself or your bag? i'm really curious to see them in use.

  2. I Don't Have One Yet....I Love Them All!!! It So Hard To Decide!
  3. I'll see if I can't get a picture of my necklace. I have been wearing it everyday since I got it.:smile:
  4. Ooh, great thread, ilzabet! Can't wait to see some action pics:smile:
  5. me too. it's so cute. i've gotten complements on it =)
  6. I have the yellow gold purse charm necklace-but, I exchanged the chain for a longer one-when I get it back-I will post a pic wearing it. It is soo cute!
  7. looks like it belonged in the jewelry forum. heheh. good to know.

    yay! so excited to see some pictures. i'm ordering casto's silver charm in the next couple of weeks as one of my birthday presents to myself. hehe.
  8. Here are two pics with a 16 inch chain necklace.
    PurseCharmon111.jpg PurseCharmon1112.jpg
  9. Japster, your charm is utterly breathtaking. I plan on taking some goldsmithing courses next year-I do the silver thing, art-clay, sheet, wire wrapping, but to work with gold and burnish diamonds is something I would love to have the knowledge, ability and talent to do. If given the choice between a 6 month apprenticeship or a Birkin I would take the apprenticeship! I hope to be purchasing mine from you before the end of the month.
  10. Thanks native :heart:
    I think it's something you'll really enjoy. The only downside is the cost of materials. Sometimes I have huge thoughts in my head and sadly couldn't afford to use the materials to experiment with.