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  1. Hi guys, I know we have a lot of lurkers who may be lost on how to work this place correctly. A while back I posted a tutorial on how to post threads and replies on here, along with some extra info that you might or might not know yet.

    Let's sticky this for a while, maybe that'll clear up some of your questions that I've been getting from our members. :biggrin:

    Got any further questions? Post 'em below :idea:
  2. Also, if you find a certain post offensive, or find its contents inappropriate (e.g. spam), don't hesitate to report the post!

    This little icon [​IMG] is located in each post's lower left corner and helps you report posts directly to me.
  3. One thing that came to my attention:

    The forum of course has a search feature, too! Click on the Search link in the navigation bar, it's as easy as that. It allows you to search very specifically, in thread titles, for certain user's posts, and so on.
  4. I'd love to post images. I noticed the forum displays images as thumbnails that can be clicked on for larger pictures.

    Does purseblog host images, or should we host them elsewhere?
    Are we responsible for making thumbs, or is that done automagically?
    Is there a hotlinking policy? Can I just link to an image on say, Neiman's site? Or should I copy their picture into my hosting account?

    Also, I really like the thumbs, but would like to write text next to each thumb. Can I insert html, or is there some kind of table facility?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer or point me to the instructions I've overlooked.
  5. I wrote a detailed description on how to post pictures in the thread below:


    This way the thumbs are generated automatically for you. The forum can host all your images that you'd like. Crediting the source is the proper thing to do.

    Hotlinking normally is not welcome, unless it's through a picture hosting service that allows it. Just attach the pictures to the forum.
  6. I Can't figure out that How can I find something inside this Board by synonym words instead of exact words.
    I searched for synonym words in http://www.google.com and
    http://www.boardexplorer.com and I found this Board.
    However inside the site I could not find any smart search. you should know exact words to find similar topics
    any recommendation?
  7. What is it that you are looking for in particular?
  8. hello vlad. i need help. i can't upload my pictures to this site. it says that the file is too big. what can i do?
  9. Ditto, I get the same message when I try!!
  10. You will have to resize it, if you try to upload images directly from your digicam the board won't let you. We need to restrict the file size, otherwise we'd run out of space soon. ;)
  11. Thanks for this info. Sorry I did not read before I started posting. :oh:
  12. Hey Vlad, Just wondering how exactly you resize them after uploading them from your digicam? Thanks:biggrin: