Purse Forum High Schoolers Please Help

  1. Hello ladies,
    So I have a debate with a friend of mine. He's convinced that high school females at his little brother's HS don't have designer handbags. I suspect this isn't true as it's an upper middle class Texas suburb, but he thinks my view is just skewed by being from CA. I think that young women all around the country have become more interesting in fashion in the past decade or so and many own and desire designer items.

    So, can you please post what kind of bags you own.
    Where you're from.
    How many of your friends also own designer bags.

  2. Coach and Dooney and Bourke
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    2 or 3, but most of my friends are older
  3. Thanks!
    By older do you mean out of HS?
  4. I'm not a High Schooler but I am the mom to a High School Senior and am at school/with his friends quite a bit. I can tell you that while there are a lot of fakes MANY of the students DO CARE about designer labels and have the real deal. Lil Max (boy, 17) has a Burberry Wallet and Coach Messenager bookbag, both real. His friends (GUYS!!!) all spend a fortune ($150-$400+ a pair) on their shoes and he wears True Religion jeans everyday (he has almost a dozen pairs...thankfully he found most on sale). Many of the girls he hangs out with have Coach and Dooney bags (real) and a few have small LV pouchettes (again real), they wear a lot of 7's and shop at stores like BeBe and A&F. You should see the cars in the parking lot too....wowser!!! Lil Max and his friends (some work, some don't) all seem to have money for Sushi dinners, 12 inch subs in their cars, fancy rims, and entertainment. People don't realize that teens probably have more disaposible income than many adults, especially older teens with part time jobs.

    This is in an area of Las Vegas that has a mix of family incomes. So to answer your question...YES, many teens do have the real stuff and they care much more about fashion and labels than the kids did when I was in High School (many, many years ago...;))
  5. Thanks! This was helpful indeed, I would love some info from people who live around Houston especially!

    Also, I was in HS like 10 years ago and remember being so excited that my friend got a BCBG dress for prom ... how times have changed haha. ;)

  6. I have a friend in Arkansas-whenever I visit her I honestly dont see many(if any) people carrying designer bags. Whenever I travel down south-the number of designer handbags I see is very limited. I find southern people prefer handmade and custom items over designer items. I think I have proof of this...last time I was in Arkansas I walked into Dillards(in Little Rock), they were having a HUGE sale on Dooney and Bourke bags everything was 40% off. Well-I only saw one purse that I liked, I asked the lady to tell me how much it was-you know what the tag said?? $60.00!! For a LARGE D&B bag, I asked the lady how long it had been there, she said "Its been around for a while". In my opinion if that purse was here in Vegas it would have been gone as soon as they marked it down!
    With that said, when I was in HS NOBODY had designer bags, but I graduated in 2004 adn went to a pretty poor HS lol! I know now that many HS kids around here(Las Vegas) have designer bags, including my nieces-one of which is in Junior High.
  7. I can tell you that some do and some don't.
    I see girls in HS here carrying bags from A&F , fake Chanels and lots of D&B's. It's mixed up.
  8. Well, it's not me...and it's not TX...but I can tell you my nieces (twins) in high school have LV pouchettes, wapitys, bandeaus and are saving for & asking for LV gift certificates for their birthdays (in dec.) and christmas...one wants a speedy and one wants a neverfull. They are Juniors in public school, in a small town in NV. They said several of their friends have designer items.

    My son, who is now is college had an LV wallet in High school and bought his girlfriend a pouchette while in hs, but that is here in CA.
    Also, I had LV and Gucci purses in HS, granted still CA, and 25 years ago....lol.
  9. I'm a senior in high school and i personally have numerous designer handbags. My favorites are Coach and Juicy Couture. Practically all of my friends have real designer bags. The majority of girls at school carry fakes, but either way, the obsession of carrying the new "it-bag" is everywhere. =]
  10. I live in Arkansas and I would agree with this. I barely see any designer bags, probably the closest to designer I ever see anyone carry is Tano!

    When I was in high school Dooney & Bourke was pretty popular so a lot of girls had those, other than that though, no one carried a designer purse. I was in small town Arkanas though.
  11. I'm not a high schooler but my cousin was up until graduation this past spring. while she didn't have designer bags, many of her friends had coach, d&b and LV bags.

    It's deffinitely an upper middle (maybe even straight upper) class neighborhood outside of Boston.
  12. I was in High School two years ago(in Missouri, FYI)...no designers to speak of, bags or otherwise, except for Dooney and Bourke and HORRIBLE LV knockoffs. my bags were all cheapy-trendies from Urban Outfitters or Gap or whatever.
  13. I'm in the suburbs of Chicago, and I have two high school children, and COACH reigns supreme.
  14. Wll i graduated last year, I am upper middle and i had alot of coach and LV pouchettes, a wallet and some other things. Her in my area though (DC, Naptown) alot of the girls have fakes because it is so easy to get them. Juicy is very popular here too.
  15. My neice is in middle school in the town of Frisco, outside Dallas, and she carries a coach.