*Purse Forum Exclusive*...Fall 07 pics!!

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  1. ...well, here they are. The first batch of many. Fall 07 trunk show season is upon us. Sorry for the distraction of seeing my name across each photo, but, it bothered me to see my pics copied & posted on other sites. So, what do we think??
    Copy of smocked copy.jpg Copy of blacksharpey copy.jpg Copy of vinylredrock copy.jpg Copy of pocketinthecity copy.jpg Copy of greenexpandable copy.jpg
  2. Love the red patent! My SA says that A/W 2007 should have some really nice ones and I was expecting more color.
  3. ok..jill is so buyin #2..and possibly #4 too.....
    Damian...put my name down for them..LOL....
  4. i'm liking the red one. is that patent leather? just wondering since it isn't as expensive as i thought it would be.
  5. hmm...not too keen on any of them actually :nogood:
  6. The red one is gorgeous!!!
  7. ....the red one is vinyl.
  8. thanks for the pics! Gorgeous bags
    And #3 is quite "cheap" for chanel
  9. Love the pics ... I do like the red one! Can't wait to see the bags IRL! Thanks so much for posting!
  10. The fourth bag! I likey!:yes:
  11. SCP chanel has that red one (and also in black). don't like it in person though, since it's vinly it feels really "cheap" when touching/holding it IRL.
  12. I think I love that you posted these pictures!!!

    I know there are two versions of the Sharpey and this one is the quilted calf. Now, if I can only see a picture of the lambskin Shapey (with the chain running down the sides), I will be so happy and be able to decide which one I want. (Or neither, which may be the case.)

    Thanks again! :yes:
  13. That red one is HOT!
  14. Thanks for posting the pictures Damien! :smile: Hmmm, well... I'm actually not feeling any of them haha, my wallet is crying tears right now... of happiness! :P
  15. The red one is not leather though:sad: