*Purse Forum Definitely Known at LV!!!*

  1. I am currently visiting my home town (i.e., Nothern Suburbs of Chicago) and I went to the closest LV in Northbrook Court. I was there as soon as they opened the doors this morning to do some much needed browsing. The SA was wonderful! She helped me and even commented on my bag (Ivorie speedy 25~today). I asked her about the upcomming Epi *purple* color and asked if they had any pictures in the look book.

    The other SA standing there stated "There is going to be a new Epi color?" I stated "yes- it is supposed to be a lilac/purple color" My SA that was helping me said "How did you know that?" To which I responded "well.....I have my sources:graucho:" She said and I quote: "The Purse Forum?" I said "yes". I said "How do you know about the purse forum?" She said that a LOT of her regular customers are members of TPF!

    OKAY! Huge shout-out to Frequent shoppers by my home town!:yahoo:

    I said~ yes it is truely a great place to find out information on new up and comming releases etc...I bet I have talked to most of your customers!:tup: She said "I bet you have too". She then asked me where we all get our information. I told her truthfully just through networking on the internet across the oceans etc...

    She asked me what the most recent topic was. I told her that most LV lovers are concerned about a price increase. She stated and I quote: "We were told no price increases for the 2007 year"! Mind you this is only for USA.

    She was wonderful, the experience was wonderful and They Know about TPF!!!

    I came home with Jack and Lucie for a second time around. I had returned it before because I wasn't totally sure...but DH said I could have it for our 9 year anniversary!:p

    Just wanted to share while on vacation.....:tpfrox:
  2. Yay! I love how I find out so much more here than in the boutique! I've had an SA tell me that it's "amazing" that I know all the names of the bags!
  3. Hope your having a good time!!

    not sure if them knowing about "us" is a good or bad thing I hope they don't close ranks and cut off our info
  4. Whoa, tPF is getting more popular! And I've always thought it is "our little secret place"... Lol. :p
  5. My boutique's SA's go on Tpf ALOT!
    They said they keep browsing on it!
    They havent made accounts yet but they said they are going to ;)
    Congrats on your Jack & Lucie they are so cute!!!
  6. LOL...that is MY store!! I talk to all those gals! They love it when I tell them all my PF stories!! My SIL always tells them its like a secret society. My Sa there is awesome. Beautiful blonde in her 40's, she takes good care of me. (did not want to post her name!) Anyway, LOVE northbrook mall!
  7. Awww that's great Ghost!!!! My SA at one of the Chicago stores always asks me about tPF as well!!!! I told him he should join LOL
  8. That's really cool! Whats cooler is your Jack and Lucie!!!! :yahoo: Congrats!!!! :heart:
  9. how awesome, so nice of the SA to chat with you.

  10. I knew some of my girls would be from by my home town! HA! :nuts:...This SA was petite, bubbly with a tan and dark brown hair with a little highlights. Maybe a manager as she opened the store and directed another SA to find the look book near her desk. She made my day!...I had to purchase something! What a great store. Very cool!

    Gayle~ I got the monogram Jack and Lucie. I can't freaking wait to use them this fall!
  11. That's a great story Ghost, thanks for sharing it with us....yes, the Purse Forum ROCKS!!! :smile:
  12. Thanks for sharing your little story! I know for sure that an SA at my store surfs througth tPF regularly, he immediately knew about it and mentioned it when another SA asked me how come I know so much? I said, ah, just the internet, but this guy totally knew and said "it's called the purse forum"! :wlae:
  13. Im not from there...my brother lives there and I go every month. I have my stores all over Highland park that I LOVE!!! They will call me in Key west and say...hey, we have this or that, when are you coming back, or they will send me stuff. I would move there in a heartbeat.
  14. Woo hoo!!! Hey Ghost, one of those people is me!!! I even showed my SA the secret sign keychain. She actually called me today to tell me my miroir was in! I have a great realtionship with her and just love the whole store!! I visit them practically every week. She told me one of her other regulars also is on tpf. It's awesome!!
  15. lol. sweet.