Purse Forum bumper sticker...

  1. Hello everyone!

    So today I was driving home and of course was stuck in California traffic for a while.

    My mind was wandering and I was like " Man, can't wait til I get home so that I can hop on tPF!!"

    Then suddenly I had this idea!

    Why don't we have a PF bumper sticker where we can all purchase and stick them on our cars? lol This is good for people who don't mind sticking something on theirs cars. Or better yet a car MAGNET so that it won't mess up the paint?!?!

    Who knows, you might someday spot another pfer on the road! :roflmfao:

    That would be so cool.

    What do you think? Is this a silly idea? :shrugs:
  2. I think it's a great idea! Fun! I prefer the magnet..don't want to screw up the paint on the car!! :yahoo:
  3. yes, magnet is better...lol that means we should have TPF honking signal
  4. yes!!!!! Magnets!!!! lol

    I would totally put 10 of them on mine to make sure its visible from a mile away. hahaha

    This could help "fund" the pf?
  5. Magents! Great idea! :yes:

    "Addicted to PF like a whore is to coke"

    "TPF: Keeping us glued to the computer and away from our families."
  6. "Proud Member of tPF, and broke."

    lol just kidding?
  7. I never knew I had addicted personality not until I met TPF..
  8. Good idea.
  9. car magnets are expensive.. a small little sticker or logo would be more sufficient and probably more subtle. or a variety of options. decals to put on windows work best, and are cheapest.

    this coming from a car forum's perspective. that's what they/we do. :smile:
  10. I would never put ANY sticker on any of my cars.
  11. I rather have a magnetic than a sticker.
  12. someone should make stuff to sell on cafe press...!(i think the mousepads on there would be most appropriate, lol). they have magnets on there, but not sure if there's a difference in strength (or whateverr it is).
  13. Great idea.......FYI, magnets hurt your car too....
  14. Yikes. Okay well uh, maybe we can make a ornament to hang on our rearview mirror. But then that can be a hazard too.
  15. i dont want to mess up the paint on my car so i wouldnt use a sticker or magnet, but i would love a travel coffee mug!!!