Purse for Mom for Mother's Day!!

  1. I need YOUR help! My dad just called and decided he wants to get my mom another purse for Mother's Day. The man is very busy so this is very last minute. He says he doesn't want to spend over $2,000 but would like it more around $1500. So everyone, what do you think? :biggrin:

    She does not like prints at all- she loves her Gucci Horsebit and her Paddy. She wouldn't want an LV with the Monogram at all. Maybe via eLuxury woul dbe good if we are going to end up ordering it offline... Help me out!!! :flowers: :yes:
  2. ysl muse? chloe betty? or what about some mulberry bags?
  3. I think a personalized Muse would make a really sweet gift.
  4. How about something Suhali? Very classy.
  5. I think you should custom order a Jennifer Marvin for her:yes: Of course I do:biggrin:
  6. Does she like Chanel?
  7. I vote Chanel :love:
  8. Oh, Chanel! ..if she likes it
  9. i've been liking the muse lately...
  10. i say either a chanel or ysl muse.
  11. I am thinking about this one for my Mom....

    it runs a little over $1000.00
  12. chanel! its so classic, perfect for mother's day
  13. I would say a classic Chanel or a YSL Muse. In all honesty, I think these handbags look better on women in our mothers' age range than they do on us!
  14. Something Chanel, or Tod's, maybe? The Muse would be a nice choice, too :smile:
  15. YSL Muse is stunning! That gets my vote for sure!