purse for a wedding??

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  1. Yes, that'd be great. krispin has the gold zoe I believe and you can find pictures on the forum.
  2. Oohhhh that is so cute! I would buy it for sure! I love the legacy interior and the outside is classy and chic too.
  3. Oh my gosh that mght have been better!!!!..daughter yells ill take yours you buy the zoe... UMMM no LOL she can carry my gold wristlet.
    I think the one I just bought is almost like the Zoe just alittle bigger...
  4. Excellent choice!
  5. That's a perfect choice!! It's so pretty!!
  6. Nice!
  7. Great choice!! That's a very cute bag.
  8. That purse is adorable & metallics are all the rage this season!
  9. very cute ! I have never seen one like that before !
  10. Gorgeous bag!
    Great choice!
  11. great find!!!!!
  12. i love coach zoes, and they are PERFECT for wedings or formal events
  13. It looks like it would be perfect for a wedding, formal event or just a nice evening out! Very pretty