Purse for a 12 yr old

  1. My daughter loves bags! She has a Dooney, a small Prada and several sak handbags. I want to get her something else but not sure what to get. I was thinking Coach. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. I would say Coach for sure...so many affordable cute, young looking bags!!!!
  3. Coach is a safe bet! My 12 year old has a nice collection going, check out her showcase CARLYB for some styles popular with the 12 year old set. She also collects dooney and juicy and have one fendi. She is going for her first LV in october! A damier Speedy!!

    You cannot go wrong with Coach or Juicy or Dooney. The dooney is the most affordable....and i think Juicy is the most trendy. Coach is classic I think.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have checked out your daughters bags Selena. That is where my daughter has gotten the idea to improve her collection (thanks a lot):P Your daughters collection is so pretty. I will check our juicy and coach for her.
  5. Juicy Couture is so cute and fun , I'd go w/ that .
  6. I agree
  7. I also agree. Juicy is perfect for a young girl.
  8. Coach or Juicy!
  9. I think the LV mini HL is an adorable purse for young girls b/c the little handles are perfect for their size of hands.
  10. :blink: goodness u buy 12 year olds designer bags

    i wish my mum was like you when i was 12

    what happened 2barbies?
  11. coach and juicy are perfect for 12 year olds because they are cheap but cute!
  12. I'd go for Coach, Juicy, or Kate Spade, also Dooney.
  13. Juicy for sure!
  14. dooney or coach!!! :smile: