Purse first....THEN find outfit to match?

  1. Tell me I'm not the only one? LOL!! Yea, I buy the purse first then find an outfit to match. Crazy?? :wlae:
  2. not crazy, but I don't do it :p
  3. No. You're not the only one. I just bought a pink one and now don't know what to wear. :tongue:
  4. I totally do this too! Your not the only one!
  5. I saw this little thing on eBay and immediately thought what I'd wear with it. Then I thought to myself, "Hmmmmmm, I don't even want that purse." LOL!

  6. You're not crazy! I used to pick a bag from my collection based on what I was going to wear for that day...more and more, I find myself wanting to carry a particular bag and creating an outfit around the bag (hope that makes sense:nuts:)
  7. you arre not the only one. I was shop for my bags. When I get a new bag I start shopping for outfits to match with my new bag. Example I just got the yellow chevron bag and now I look for yellow tops when I'm out shopping.
  8. Luckily, I gravitate towards the same color schemes as it is, but yeah, I totally do that too. I don't want to use any other bags right now since I love the one I'm using so much, so I'll make sure to have just a hint of a color on that matches the bag, JUST so i can use the bag, haha :smile:

    I see bags that i *LOVE* & think of outfits to go wtih them, too though ~ but it would be too expensive for me to buy like, a mustard-colored bag or something like that & then look for outfits to match :sad: i usually stick with 'safe' colors right now :smile:
  9. I gravitate towards neutral bags and much of my clothing is black, so it rarely becomes an issue for me! I have hesitated to buy brown bags because of matching issues, although I've started to believe that colors like whiskey and rust can still go with black. But I am boring and don't like unusual colored bags, so I don't face the issue much!
  10. Oh no...you are not crazy at all! I do this more often than I care to talk about...LOL! I even do this with my shoes and jewelry. I'm terrible. I will see a purse, a pair of shoes, or even a ring that I love and I will just snatch it up thinking that I can worry about the outfit later. Seriously, I think I have some sort of problem. I will buy things and never use them. Some of it just sits in my closet for months...sometimes years...waiting on me to find that matching outfit. In the end, I either sell it or give it away. Yep...I definitely have issues!
  11. You're not alone!

    I change my bags daily, and 98% of the time I choose the bag first. I have some bags that I try to avoid wearing in inclement weather. So I don't want to put together an outfit only to discover that a particular 'girl' can't be used that day!

    Yes, Bag First!:tup:
  12. I sooo do that. Since my recent purchase is the heritage stripe in pink, i have bought 5 tops to match since that purchase which was like a couple weeks ago. And I'll never stop buying clothes to match my bags. I rather do that then buy bags to match my outfits. It's too expensive. I have so much color in my wardrobe.
  13. I guess I kind of do that. When I buy a bag I start to think of what outfits would look cute with it. My newest bag would look really cute with a dress that they currently have at American Eagle...but I don't own the dress yet...must buy it to go with my bag! :love:
  14. I do this all the time, especially with shoes, and especially if they are on the clearance rack. I really love colored bags, so I buy them. I usually will pair a bright colored bag with a more neutral outfit.
  15. No I'm pretty safe with my neutral clothes/neutral bags thing! The only thing I like to do is add a ponytail scarf to my bags to punch it up a bit!