purse first or wallet first? neverfull or mc speedy?

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  1. Do you usually get a purse first or a wallet first?

    I am planning on getting a black mc speedy with the koala wallet. But now i kind of want to get a neverfull first since its very practical for school.

    Which one would you get first?:rolleyes:
  2. Purse first all the way.
  3. Purse! I have a few LV accessories that I love, but I have decided that I prefer my bags. I would rather save for a bag than a small accessory.
  4. Purse. I would get a neverfull first, its a great price and nice size to start off with. The black mc will be nice for winter and give you longer to save for if you're going get a wallet with it.
  5. Purse first! I love the black MC, but the Neverfull is better for summer. Hmmm... choose MC! It's so gorgeous, and you'll just adore it!
  6. I would usually get a purse first....but do you really need a bag for school right now? If not, maybe save up hardcore for the mc speedy...it's SO HOT!
  7. Well, I don't really need one for school but I kind of want one since the price is very reasonable. :p And I plan on going to disneyland this summer, so sometimes I wonder if I should save up more money for my trip instead of getting my hardcore mc speedy first. Because I probably would want to use a shoulder bag when I travel. :p
  8. Get a bag first, then get the wallet to put in it!
  9. Which bag should I get first though?
  10. Get the Neverfull first. Great price and you'll be able to use the bag all summer long. Get the black MC Speedy next, and then a wallet. Good luck!
  11. First get the BLACK MC SPEEDY <---- :drool: :drool: That bag is so stunning .... then get the wallet later.
  12. Can I use the neverfull in disneyland when I have to walk around all the time? Would that be too big?
  13. I always get purse first. Go for the speedy, neverful then wallet.
  14. I agree, get the black MC speedy first - it sounds like that is the one you love the most. Then get the neverfull second, it will be a very useful bag and the price is good. Then I would get a wallet.
  15. purse first and MC Speedy first