Purse Feet?

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  1. I my Coach book tote and Kooba Sienna have feet!
  2. I love the monsac bags, first time I discover them!!
  3. LordandTaylor (cinshad, is there a store near where you live?) offers the Maxx New York Swiss chard shoulder bag at a lower price than zappos or ebags:

    LordAndTaylor.com - Maxx New York Swiss Chard Handbag
  4. I just got two Marc Jacobs bags with feet! And, now that I think of it, one of my Marc by Marcs also has feet!
  5. I have a Cromia (purchased in Italy, though) that has the biggest feet on the bottom of a bag that I have ever seen! They actually do what they are intended to do, and that is to keep the bottom of the purse off the surface on which it is sitting. However, when I use that purse, all I see are the feet! I like feet, but I think these are over the top.