Purse Feet?


Dec 18, 2006
My favorite bags that I have been most happy with have feet and are leather. Sometimes there is just no perfectly clean or dry place to set your bag. I like both of my Tumis, my leather Coaches, my AWL Doonies. I always try to buy with feet. Are feet on bags obsolete? Which mid line makers still have feet? Why do they seem so uncommon now? Lately it seems when out shopping I will look at 50 bags now before finding one with feet. I may have a foot fetish when it comes to purses. Who still makes footed bags and does no one out there still like them?
Regards, Cinshad


Up On My Toes!
Jun 6, 2006
I like a bag with "feet" b/c I am a germ-a-phobe if there ever was one. But, still, so many of my bags come without "feet" and I love them just as much. I'm just more careful where I set them down. Especially my LV's. I put them on the seat next to me or behind me between my back and the back of the chair. I never, ever set my handbag on the floor.

I prefer to buy handbags with protective metal feet but I wouldn't pass over one I just love b/c it was lacking them.


Dec 18, 2006
Hi and thanks.
The bag checks is a fun idea, but I do not have the concern sitting in a restaurant as much as just out and about in restrooms and grocery check outs and counter tops and just setting my bag down for a second here or there. I do not think that I would get in the habit of using it.
There is nothing wrong with all of my favorite bags, I use all of them still. Each still looks nice and new. They are all good bags. I was in the market for a new bag as I have not bought one in a while and could not find any that I loved. I do not want to spend a huge amount and would like a good quality middle of the line bag that is comfortable and durable for me. May I clarify? All of my favorites have feet. That is one thing that I like about each. I was looking for a new bag and am finding difficulty finding one with feet. I have never bought a bucket bag, did not care for the oval or round bottom. I may have a second look at them, now if that is all that is available. I like a bag at least 12 inches wide and at least 10 inches tall and I like a bit of depth, at least 4 inches. My Coach Legacy Zip 9966 has been a good one, useful, but a bit boring. I have been very happy with it, but would like something a bit larger and decorative. I like a wide comfortable shoulder strap, and do not really care for those shorter loop handles on so many today. I like to have my hands free when walking and the loop handles get in my way more than I find them useful. The only bag that I have ever loved that did not have feet was a good capacity microfiber sling bag, that was so light and just wonderful for travelling that I never even had to take it off or set it down. I still have it, but its hardware is still functional, but looks a bit scruffy.
I am looking for a good quality large, secure, beautiful, leather, shoulder strap with feet. I like a zip closure for the main compartment better than a snap or buckle. I do like solid hardware. Any suggestions?
Again thanks, Cinshad


Feb 17, 2006


Jan 6, 2006
What I hate about some bags with feet are that they don't really serve a function. The purse is so slouchy or non structural that the feet don't keep it from touching the floor. I think some designers just add feet as an adornment. I'm all for feet when they work!


Jan 19, 2006
Handbag feet that are ACTUALLY functionaly are usually only found on bags with harder and more structured bottoms (ie. Hermes Birkin, etc) ... sometimes a designer will slap a set of feet on a bag just to make it look a little more expensive.. but feet on a slouchy bag is just absolutely useless.

So if youre looking for structured bags.. then most likely, if it's a good quality bag, it'll have the protective feet.