Purse Experts: Help this BF find a Purse for his GF!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    First off, I wanted to say this forum is probably a g_dsend for guys like me with little time due to a full time job. A lot of my time recently has been volunteering 6 days out of the week and spending the rest with my GF, so it is hard to find free time to shop. This site is as detail oriented as the clothing-focused site Styleforum.net for us guys! Really glad I wandered in here.

    To all you experts out there: I am a COMPLETE newbie when it comes to purses! Lol. A quick search through Neiman Marcus and Saks websites and I was overwhelmed with the selection out there.

    Here's the (long-read) situation..

    My very lovely and patient girlfriend has been with me over a year. We're in our mid-twenties, and she's in grad school. She's never demanded anything and I wanted to get her something nice for being so patient with me--I had to study for 3 months for a standardized test and she didn't once complain about me not getting her a "big" gift for our 1 year and VDay (but, I took her out to her favorite restaurants and a nice hotel for weekend getaways!) Also, her birthday is the beginning of March.

    She's not high maintenance, and whereas her friends' vices are purses, or shoes...hers are expensive kitchen related things (Shun Knives, Globals), since shes a great cook. So, I thought I'd try and surprise her with a nice purse, that she can "show off" to her girlfriends, since she never asks for anything ;)

    My budget: Up to $1200 is what I am thinking.

    Her hints:
    --No Coach bags: she doesn't like patterns. However, she does have a LV bag that was given as a gift from her well-off Aunt. Lol, I'm guessing Louis falls into a more classic/timeless category though.
    --No large logos: For example, she doesnt like the giant C's you see on some of the Chanel bags.
    --She likes the "shape" of the bags more than she cares about brands or the price tag. So she could very well like a $3000 bag and a $30 flea market bag equally, as long the shape of the bag is tasteful.
    --She tends to keep things for a long time

    Any suggestions are welcome! :biggrin: I appreciate your help ladies.

    Scratching my head,
  2. What about a Louis Vuitton with the damier pattern? I would vote for a damier azur speedy. they are classic, timeless and there are not any huge logos.
  3. what shape/size does she carry now? Maybe if we know what works for her now we can recommend some similar options.
  4. What about color?
    Does she have a preference on how she carries her bags....
    For example:
    Hand only, shoulder (as in hobo) or longer strap shoulder bag, crossbody or do you want a bag that give you multiple options????

    Basic shapes:
    North/South - more tall than wide
    East/West - more wide than tall (rectangular shape)
  5. would this be a bag to use everyday ie to carry books for school or more of a going out bag?
  6. Alright, responses! Thanks everyone!

    fashion_mom1: I've seen that bag on a few girls, and I like it. However, I am not sure if that will be too "patterned" for her or not, so I'll put it on my list of potentials!

    Swanky Mama of Three: The shape and size that she carries right now is a tan calfskin bag she picked up at a boutique in San Fran. It's her daily favorite, next to the LV bag she has now. The most fitting images I could find so far are these two. it has the overall shape of the first, but the wrinkly-waves of the 2nd. It's really soft in person, sorry these are the best I could find, not sure if she's looking for a similar bag, but I'm thinking minimalistic might be the right term here.



    dcblam: no indication of color, but I would assume something that could go for a night out and for a daily drive (so something not as bold and chic as say, midnight blue). I am pretty sure it would be shoulder, not the longer strap. I think she prefers "East/West"

    This feels like detective work. Did not think about all these factors :smile:

    Keep em coming!
  7. radsres: I've seen her use it to hold a textbook, and once in a while for going out. She switches to the LV for special occasions and safe areas. I'm also assuming this splurge purse will be more for going out/night on the town, since she already has the tan calfskin purse for her "all-around"

    irweird: interesting, I've heard of Marc Jacobs, and I'll take a look at that brand. I like the term "no-nonsense", I think that is what I was trying to convey (ie. No repeated logos, with LV the exception)

    and, I may be assuming too much, but from what I've heard Balenciaga is currently one of the in-vogue brands to have? I think that may be out of my price range.
  8. how about the balenciaga part-time. it comes with a detachable strap so it can be used as a tote or worn on shoulder



    but i must note that b bags are known for their soft buttery leather so they wont stand up straight when set down. by 'shape' i dont know if you are refering to the design or an actual shape that the bag has to maintain. i just think b bags are minimalistic and discreet, chic yet doesn't scream 'designer'
  9. how interesting:P, i just saw you wrote this after i posted. the part times i posted from hg bags are around the 1200 mark, so might be slightly over after you take into account shipping and what not.

    you are such a sweet bf. good luck purse hunting.
  10. Marc Jacobs is the current Creative Director of LV if that means anything to you.
  11. i was thinking balenciaga as well.. perhaps a clutch. or something by chole
  12. I was going to suggest Balenciaga too. A City is probably around 1,299 now though but they are timeless. If I could only keep one bag, the Balenciaga would be it.

    Just make sure you get something with a gift receipt so if it doesn't work she can exchange ;)
  13. Actually to kind of build off of what True Religion said - since you are spending a decent amount on her bag and she tends to keep things for a long time you might also look at how easy an exchange / return might be for whatever you choose and whether or not the brand will do cleanings and repairs for her down the road. I'm sure people on this forum will have lots of opinions for you.
  14. I change my vote to balenciaga.