Purse Excuse of the Day

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  1. I saw this and thought it was hilarious!

    Felt like sharing :heart:


    I've used this excuse many times :P
  2. that's a good one....thanks for sharing..!!:P
  3. Excuse??........That's my Mantra!!!!!
  4. i love it! works for me!! LOL
  5. I say that too! :nuts:
  6. use that line all the time
  7. I use that excuse all the time!
  8. omg i love that!!! lol is there really one for every day?? i love it
  9. Nice one to add to our list of excuses.
  10. Haha- I really do use this one fairly often :shame:
  11. That works for me! :smile: Thanks for sharing!
  12. LOL, I love it! A good philosophy, too!
  13. Lol I love it!
  14. LOL, I made money while I spent money! That means more bags!!
  15. Works just fine for me :biggrin: