Purse Epidemic! Highly Contagious!

  1. hey all, i just got a burberry bag, sadly not the wool tartan prossum (sp) bag, but though its nice, im already wanting more bags! i was never into bags till i hit this blog, usually id get my friends to carry it for me :P or a coach hamptons wristlet (which im now wishing i never bought because i never use it)...i still have to "break in" this bag...but im catching the purse fetish epidemic. how long do you usually wait in between purchases? and jw...anyone know where i can buy that prossum bag :smile:...i saw it on sale on burberry..but apparently so did alot of other people :sad: so what about you guys?
  2. *it refering to cash/phone/keys
  3. I usually wait until the money is good and flowing.. ha !

    I just bought a Burberry pochette as well, it's very cute and I love how it feels, this is basically going to be my rain bag since I'm pretty afraid for all my other bags getting wet.
  4. The last couple of months I didn't wait very long in between buying bags. Went a little crazy :shame: But I am waiting until May, when I will have cash from my birthday, tax refund and an extra paycheck (I get paid three times in one month twice a year :biggrin: ). Woohoo, a new bag or two!
  5. I'm waiting till Feb which is my Son's first birthday. Mommy deserves a birthday present too, doesn't she, after all, I popped him out!!!!!!!!!
  6. LOL, hmm that makes me think, maybe i should skip the spring line, wait for the summer, get something really good, but offf course buy spring accessories..
  7. though i am planning on getting a car in the summer...but then again im going to need something to put my keys in when i get the car...
  8. It's addicting, isn't it :wacko: I am waiting until after my wedding to buy a new one.. after the move to the US and after I get a JOB :sick: Actually I might wait a whole year, but that's okay. Need to start acting like a responsible wife now :shame:
  9. as soon as i have money i spend it.
  10. i usually feel guilty buying purses one right after another, i like to get some use out of my bags when i get them. i got my audra at the end of october, my paddington will arrive in march...i gotta find something to occupy me in the meantime, lol.
  11. I have bought 2 bags recently, I wait in 4 month periods, I see it as, 4 months the purse it broken in, but not being used too much. But I only buy after the 4/5 month if theirs been something I have been wanting for a couple of months.
  12. Prior to my last purchase a few weeks ago, I haven't purchased a bag in about 6 months (the horror!!). I am trying to save for my first place, so have to try and be responsible.