Purse Display Stands for floppy bags

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  1. Does anybody know where coach gets those display stands they have instores, the ones that stand on the little counters in clear color and hold a purse by its handle so you can see how it would look when worn? I like it for bags that sag into themselves, like the brooke or hailey, but so far i can't find those hangers/stands anywhere, and I'm wondering if anybody knows where i should be searching besides bay? I'd love to display my bags at home like coach does in their stores...
  2. Check at an orgainization store like solutions or a closet orginization store.
  3. I would love to get my hands on a couple of those as well..Only having 4 bags, it would be a nice display to look at....
  4. I would love one or two as well! I finally got a $15 bookcase from Target yesterday and set it up in the corner of my bedroom, because my bags were all crammed in the back of my closet and nearly impossible to access (I only have 12, but never rotate because they're too hard to get at). All my bags are arranged on the shelves now, as well as my accessories, but I'd LOVE a couple of these stands to put on the top of the bookcase to hold the bags that I am currently wearing. I will be watching this thread for info on this. Great idea, girls!
  5. I don't see any acrylic or lucite ones.
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    Another idea I might suggest is using an over-the-door hook. I just got one last week and I hang it over my closet door. You have to look for the right kind though; one that has the hooks rather far apart from eachother (so that there's a good amount of space between each bag). Also look for one that's not exactly a "hook" shape. The one that I just bought has hooks that stick straight out (more like pegs) and doesn't have the curved hook shape. Mine is similar to the picture below (I couldn't find an exact picture of mine). I normally don't like to hang my bags on hooks because most of them are too thin and leaves a bend in the handle after a while. To get around this, I used some self-adhesive foam and wrapped it around the the hooks/pegs. This makes the hooks wider and adds some cushioning for the handles (to prevent them from getting bent). I hope I explained it well...if not, I can take a picture of it tomorrow, if anyone is interested.

    ETA: Sorry, for some reason the picture wasn't working. I'll just link you to the website http://www.studentmarket.com/Spectrum-64970CAT-SPM1156.html
  7. Oooh, oohh, I see one that will match my bedroom decor (I have dark wood furniture with black hardware, and there's a dark grey one purse stand that has a curlique at the top that will match the designs on my bed headboard). THANK YOU for the link! :biggrin:
  8. How about one of those stands they advertise for Longaberger basket hanging? Wouldn't that work for bags?
  9. This is a cool thread! I want these for my Coach display case!
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  11. I actually have one of these. Ordered it from Eddies.com. They are really nice. Plus, considering they are located in Canada, the shipping is priced low and they ship fast.

  12. Wow, Eddie's has tons of cool stuff! Thanks very much for the great tips. :biggrin:
  13. Nice thread! Thanks OP!