purse dilemma?!

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  1. Well, I found a francesco biasia purse in chocolate brown for $70 at the local TJ Maxx and really liked the style. Then through this forum found out it was an homage/knockoff or a botkier trigger. I went online and found quite a few triggers on ebay as well as at botkier.com on sale. Now I'm torn, is it better to get the original plus its quality or the biasia which seems to be pretty good in quality, but isn't the orginal? (The original costs over double the price!)
    Pics of the biasia and the botkier are below. (Biasia is the first one shown to give you an idea of the differences/similarities between the two.)
  2. i only see one picture...
  3. [​IMG]

    Whoops! Here's the other pic!
  4. [​IMG]

    Another view where it's more similar to the Biasia!
  5. Well, it doesn't look exactly like the botkier. The material on the green one looks too fake. If you would rather get a knockoff get a black one, it 's looks more real. For me, I don't like knockoffs at all and I feel weird knowing that it is an imitation of something. I would rather go with a botkier. I own a luxe trigger myself and I love it! Whatever you feel is best girl!
  6. Biasia makes very good quality bags, in their own right IMO. Many designers copy design elements of other more expensive designer bags. Personally, I'd rather have a real Biasia than a fake Botkier. At least I'd know my money wasn't supporting counterfeiters.
  7. I like the color of the Biasia