Purse Dilemma!

  1. Man, I KNEW I should add a black or leather swing pack to my wishlist!

    I'm going with my bosses to a huge trade show in Chicago, and if you know anything about trade shows, there are no jeans allowed and it's all very upscale and you schlep bags of crap with you all day.

    So now I'm wondering which bag to bring, swing pack would be obvious since I wouldn't need to worry about straps falling off shoulders and it'd be hands free. But all I have is the khaki/punch and I'm wearing black and white professional clothing!

    I also have the punch wristlet or a blue/brown soho small flap *sigh*. If only I could convince my bosses to stop by an outlet somewhere, lol.
  2. A black one would be perfect. Since it's a basic color you don't have to worry about it going out of style. It's also perfect for holding travel documents etc.
  3. There are a lot of nice duffles that can be used cross body that are lightweight and look great.
  4. Yea, I forgot to mention I realize this the DAY before the show ;)

    Now what do I do!?!
  5. run to the store, darlin'!!!!
  6. LOL that'd put me on the road for about at least 4 hrs :biggrin: Closest boutique is 4 hours away, closes Macy's etc is 2.