Purse dilemma - please help.

  1. I discovered this high end brand back in late 2004 and kinda went hog wild throughout 2005 (bought 3 purses plus misc accessories.)

    Never considered exotic until my SA offered to place an order. Then when I tried, my SA apologized and said that I was only allowed 1 B per year.

    2006 my SA introduced to the SM and asked if a croc order can be placed. SM said yes. Later that year, my SA called and confirmed the order.

    2007 get a new SA (old one left.) That new SA could not find any record of my 2006 order. And tried to reorder it for me. But now SM (same one as 2006) will not place the order for whatever reason.

    What do I do? I've even tried changing colors to something that's currently produced.

    (A)Wait it out until the SM leaves, (B)kindly remind my SA of my lengthy pursuit or (C)go to a reseller (eg. CDC).

    My apologies for the long winded post but I just realized last night how long I've been trying to get this bag. I know the SAs prefer that we go through them but when you're in my situation, what do you do?

  2. I´m so sorry you´ve had to wait so long and now it´s all for nothing! I would ask about the situation from your SA and then maybe the manager if not solved.
  3. Agreed. I think it has to do with the shortage of skins right now. But, they cleaned up the croc pool in Australia and relined it with smooth paint so the little crocs won't scratch their bellies, so probably in a year or two, they'll get their supply back up to gear.
  4. Is that the reason croc has been unavailable??!! ^^
  5. From what I've heard, yeah. The skins were considered suboptimal for Hermes. Apparently the pools where the crocs are grown had scratched their bellies and it didn't suit Hermes standards. But they repainted last year or the year before. And they usually take skins that are 2 to 3 years old for the bags and 5 years old for the jackets.
  6. Wow the insider-knowledge on you!
  7. I wonder what they do to the rest of the croc? Sell for meat?

    HL, are you able to clarify the reason directly with your SM? Is he/she communicative with you?
  8. HL: oooh you poor thing..I feel ya. You waited so long and now everything seems to be for nothing...
    I hope you can get your order sooon!
  9. Seems alligator bags are being produced this year. Would you consider changing your order to alligator?
  10. ^No because alli's a bit too wild vs. croc. And at those prices I should get what I like (both DH and SA concur). Thanks for the suggestion though.
  11. so the manager is refusing to place a croc order for you? that is so mean...and a little unfair since you have been so patient, i think. i would take it up with the manager, having to go to cdl for a croc will be double the price, right? there is a big croc auction coming up at christie's in september, maybe you could get one there, at least it would be cheaper than a reseller, good luck with your manager.
  12. I would talk to the manager. I'm sorry you are having this problem. But, if you don't get it resolved with the SM, then you really might have to go to a reseller. I wouldn't try to wait it out until the SM leaves.