Purse dilemma- one must go, but how to decide????

  1. I have a minor purse snafu. I wasn't going to buy any more designer bags for a while, but then I found the Chanel Luxury tote I had been dreaming of:yahoo: ...now one of my bags must go:crybaby: , but I can't decide which. Please help me decide, because I love them all so much for so many different reasons that I can't be objective and I find myself not wanting to get rid of any of them. I want to stick with purses I will have a long time that will be classic, useful, and not get beat-up quickly.

    So, these are the options:
    Fendi special edition taupe/blue spy hobo
    Fendi chocolate spy
    Chanel navy LARGE quilted tote
    Gucci red leather small/medium bucket tote

    I just graduated from college and am working for a law firm doing contract work, so the Chanel tote is great, but I also enjoy going out occasionally, so the spy hobo is great, and I just love the unbeatable luxe look of the spy, I like the Gucci the least but selling it won't bring in the most $, and i wore it today and really liked it...ahhhh! I'm also pregnant, so I'm not sure which bag is going to make sense with a child (this will be my first, so I don't know what to expect!!!!) What's a girl to do. Please, someone be objective and tell me which one to let go of!!!! I will try to post pics in a second. thanks again!!!
  2. Here are the pictures....they are really bad because i had to make them small to fit the max file size and lack all computer skills necessary to do that without ruining the pics...sorry!
    gucci1.JPG chanel 1.JPG fendi spy.JPG fendi spy hobo.JPG
  3. I love the chanel tote WOW!! I vote for the spy hobo even though you said you love it . lol.

  4. They are all beautiful but if you must sell one, I feel the spy hobo should go.
  5. The Spy.
  6. They're all beautiful. I think that if I were in your position (I wish!), I would sell the Spy Hobo. Not because I don't like it, but because I love the Chocolate Spy even more!

    Oops - I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS! There are lots of threads about diaper bags etc, but you always need 'proper' bags to make you feel special too!
  7. Thanks so much everyone...as of yet it looks like the spy hobo, which realistically seems like the right choice, as the new Chanel should replace it nicely. I appreciate everyone's opinions and look forward to anyone else's. Thanks!
  8. Me too the Spy hobo is the one to go :sad:
  9. I have to agree with everyone else. The spy hobo should be the one to go. And congratulations. :smile:
  10. I would say get rid of the Chocolate Spy. 'Cause girl, the Spy hobo is a limited edition! Don't get rid of it! For the Spy, it's definitely going to be easiER to find again in the future. Just my 2 cents!
  11. Absolutely love the Chanel - do not sell. Great color, great bag, a definite keep!

    Everyone needs a red bag so keep the Gucci.

    I would get rid of one of the Spy's.
  12. Spy hobo! It is cute but I think your other bags are gorgeous!
  13. Geez, this is harder than my PhD thesis exam. However, based on first impression appeal, it's either the Gucci or the Spy that has to go.
  14. The Spy hobo or the Gucci~ but if I have to consider which will bring in more dollars in order to fund for the next purchase, it'll be the Spy hobo.
  15. the chanel, but thats because it does nothing for me